Tucson Clean and Beautiful seeking volunteers

Tucson Clean and Beautiful is seeking community volunteers to adopt parks, streets, washes, and other available public areas on an ongoing basis. There are over 700 sites available for adoption.

What does “adopt” mean? Your group agrees to clean ‘your’ site up (remove litter and debris) once a month. We provide supplies such as litter grabbers, gloves and bags.

Who can adopt? Groups of at least five individuals commit to monthly cleanups.A permanent sign recognizing your group will be placed at the adopted site and we will celebrate your first six months with a ceremony.

Why do this? We can make Tucson better with everyone’s participation. Give a few hours of your time to bettering the community. Adopting a park allows groups to show pride in their community.  It is set up for groups to visit the chosen park on a regular basis to pick up litter and perform other tasks to help keep the park clean.

Adopting a street or traffic circle allows groups  to take an active role in the appearance of neighborhoods by transforming a litter strewn and weed infested area into a clean area.

Adopting a wash allows groups to free the washes of litter so that these corridors are clear for wildlife and prevent flooding. Make a meaningful, long-lasting contribution to Tucson.  Adopt a park, street, or wash today.

To become a part of Tucson Clean and Beautiful’s environmental stewardship efforts and for more information visit https://tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org/, email adoptapark@tucsonaz.gov or call 791-3109.