US Navy to Train at Davis Monthan

From our friends at Davis-Monthan AFB:

The US Navy will deploy 14 F/A-18 Fighter aircraft to Davis Monthan from January 22 to February 8, 2019. The Navy F/A 18s will provide a significant joint training opportunity for DM’s own 354th Fighter Squadron. Joint integration among multiple aircraft is what makes the US military the most capable fighting force on the planet. The Navy F/A-18 deployment to DM will afford both squadrons the training to be better prepared for high-intensity conflict.

Over the two and a half week deployment, the squadrons will integrate in Dissimilar Air Combat Training. This training is focused on improving the A-10C pilots’ abilities to defend themselves from advanced air-to-air fighter aircraft, while executing their primary mission sets of Close Air Support and Combat Search and Rescue. Additionally, the 354 FS will act as Forward Air Controllers, directing the F-18s onto simulated enemy targets in support of friendly forces at the Barry M Goldwater Range. This is a an excellent opportunity for the Navy pilots to integrate with the Air Force’s Close Air Support experts of the 354 FS.

This is a mutually-beneficial deployment that will leave each unit with increased capability in their respective airframes and mission sets.