Zoo closes due to high temperatures

Reid Park Zoo will be closed through June 23 due to extreme high temperatures.  Reid Park Zoo will resume regular seasonal hours on Saturday, June 24  from 8 am to 3 pm.

"The animals at Reid Park Zoo are well adapted for the Sonoran Desert climate. Habitats are designed with mud wallows, misting, coolers, shade and pools. Additionally, the Zoo has several elderly animals that require special care. With the record-breaking temperatures this week, this change allows our staff to concetrate completely on caring for the animals."

According to Zoo staff, the best time to view the animals is when they are most active, in the mornings and evenings at Summer Safari Nights. Guests are encouraged to wear sunscreen prior to visiting Reid Park Zoo. Refilable water bottles are always welcome at Reid Park Zoo.

The change will not affect Summer Camp hours. The Zoo is open year-around and only scheduled to close on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

For more information, call 520 791-3201 or visit www.reidparkzoo.org