Karin's Note: Friday, March 6, 2015

Karin's Note: Friday, March 6, 2015
- Note from Staff
- Ward 3 Events
- Neighborhood/Coalition Meetings
- Community Support Spotlight
- Citywide Events
- Did You Know?
Dear Tucsonans,
Before I update on the policy work at the Mayor/Council table, I wanted to share a few highlights from my time over the past few weeks out and about in the community.
Institute for Science and Global Policy
I joined over a hundred Tucsonans last Friday and Saturday for a unique convening to discuss Climate Change and future drought/flood cycles which will impact water supplies and sustainability in our region. Tucson and fourteen other communities across the country, as well as five communities in Norway, will be holding such dialogues to develop a collective report that will draw from the best of climate science and help inform future policy decisions. I was impressed by the expertise and array of perspectives offered, and will share more about the resulting consensus statements and action recommendations developed over the coming months.
Community Water Coalition
Yesterday I attended the Community Water Coalition’s dialogue featuring local leaders from the Watershed Management Group and other key groups. The featured speaker was Brian Richter, Chief Scientist with the Nature Conservancy and author of the book Chasing Water.  Local panelists and audience members clearly have much to contribute to the strategies we can and must develop to manage water resources, accelerate aquifer recovery, and integrate environmental projects into our full-water-cycle view of resource management across the region.
Citizens Water Advisory Committee
I applaud members of our Citizens Water Advisory Committee for attending both of the two sessions noted above. CWAC is outreaching to the public on the five-year fiscal plan for Tucson Water in March/April. I plan to work with CWAC and the broader community so that we add an element to Tucson Water’s financial plan for an “add water” program. With that funding we could finance efforts to mitigate flooding and intensify recharge with strategic repurposing of area dry wells and/or purchase rights for (and retire) groundwater pumping in the valley that would impact key shallow aquifer areas. Tucson Water is not only the water utility covering much of our valley, but a key partner with all water utilities and users in southern Arizona. We must aggressively plan in concert with those partners and the Flood Control District/Pima County, and take collective action to improve our water future.
LGBT Commission Retreat and Wingspan Dinner
A few weekends ago I was invited to join the Tucson LGBT Commission to talk about their interest in effectively advising Mayor/Council. These volunteers work to inform us, help us link LGBT community concerns to broader human rights efforts, and identify ways that we can build upon Tucson’s proud legacy of nondiscrimination and civil rights activism. They along with others (including former State Representative Demion Clinco and my Chief of Staff Tamara Prime) recently helped Tucson highlight its legacy to achieve a 100 rating from the Human Rights Campaign. There’s no doubt our quality life and economy benefit when we set ourselves apart as a welcoming and progressive city in Arizona.
Despite our proven track record of civil rights action and investment, the doors of Tucson’s LGBT Community Center almost closed recently. Fortunately the Board of the Southern Arizona Aids Foundation agreed to step in to sustain some of Wingspan’s vital programs for youth and seniors and survivors of domestic violence, and to lead the community in fulfilling a vision for the future. I attended the Wingspan fundraising event on Valentine’s Day and felt heartened by the renewed effort to serve the specific needs of the LGBT community.
League of Women Voters
I attended the League’s forum entitled Is Democracy for Sale and Can Voters Afford It? at Access Tucson (you can view the program at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4j-dlGTmqb8&feature=youtu.be). I also joined the League Board in a conversation earlier this week about their plans to continue offering unbiased and nonpartisan information to the electorate locally and statewide. It’s hard to think of many groups that have earned more trust in the realm of politics. I am grateful to members and leaders in the League as they adjust to emerging dynamics in campaigns and elections in order to stay relevant and impactful.
Gadsden-Pacific Toy Train Museum
Open on most second and fourth Sunday afternoons, this magical destination in Ward 3 (off Price Road west of Romero) offers an incredible display of operating train sets and even an outside miniature train ride. The warehouse has been built and maintained by a group of devoted volunteers who ask nothing more than a voluntary donation at the door.  It’s a hidden jewel enjoyed by young and old alike. I went their last weekend and can attest to the wide-eyed wonder of children and the ear-to-ear smiles of adults wandering the toy train wonderland. Check it out sometime; you’ll be glad you did.
Mayor and Council Meeting
Last Wednesday we received further fiscal projections for the current and next fiscal year. The next few months will be quite focused on budgeting and I’ll pass on details as we begin to plug numbers into the revenue/expense spreadsheet. You can see the preliminary numbers and presentation at this link: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1441&doctype=AGENDA
City Manager Hiring Process
Mayor and Council also reviewed applications for the City Manager position two weeks ago and directed our search firm to proceed in inviting a number of candidates in for the first round of interviews. The plan, as previously outlined for the public, is to allow Mayor/Council to interview responding candidates and select two of more who will proceed in the process the next day. That process will include both a public forum as well as a second interview session with our Appointment Advisory Committee (see list of those community leaders here: https://www.tucsonaz.gov/clerks/boards?board=121).
Unfortunately the committee did not get word of the timing for these steps until last week and several cannot attend. I am working with City staff to ensure that the committee and evening community forum are taped, and will be exploring additional steps we can take to get public input. I will be listening to all input on the perceived strengths and weaknesses of finalists.
I’ve heard criticism already that the public’s getting shut out of this process. I’ll keep working to provide avenues for input, while recognizing that our process also has to respect the common request for confidentiality of early applicants. Now that we are moving toward identifying finalists, public engagement becomes vital to the process of identifying the best leadership fit for Tucson. Ultimately the Mayor/Council will make the pick, and I have no doubt that will take into serious account the feedback we receive from the public, City staff, and our own due diligence.
Homelessness and Urban Camping
This week the Mayor and Council directed staff to draft an ordinance along the lines of one adopted in Denver, Colorado which essentially bans camping on city-owned property. We also directed that staff work to identify best practices nationally and local potentials for alternate sites to accommodate people who do not have housing and do not respond to offers of service/help.
It’s not against the law to live outdoors; nor should one person or group control the general public’s access and enjoyment of the public spaces we all “own” and share. The City has to manage City/publicly-owned spaces to provide access while protecting the public’s health and safety. I’ve worked for over two decades now on the issues of homelessness and poverty, and will offer my insights as we work to respect individual needs and rights and the broader public’s interests. I made the point Wednesday that “criminalizing” homelessness is both cruel and futile. And I have also made the point that no one gets to lay claim to public space in a manner that restricts access/use for others. It’s all obviously easier said than done.
I won’t be wasting time judging folks sleeping on the sidewalks, or those who want them gone yesterday. I’ll examine the ordinance to be sure it does not criminalize homelessness by leaving people who live outside with no choice but to break the law. I’ll revisit the Human Service Campus model in Phoenix and find out more about others like it around the country. I am also interested in learning more about the micro-housing movement catching on nationally and internationally. Attached are several links to videos about the movement that I am working my way through:
Tiny Houses for the Homeless http://www.pbs.org/video/2365342403/
TINY: A Story About Living Small http://tiny-themovie.com/
Living Small: Tiny House Documentary https://vimeo.com/95698105
Ronstadt Transit Center
I am encouraged that Mayor and Council unanimously voted to proceed with the RFP Phase for the downtown transit site. We seem poised to receive some proposals that will improve the site and bring additional economic vibrancy and investment to downtown without diminishing the bus services/functionality. That’s been the Mayor/Council vision and direction on this from the start. Let’s hope decades-old and polarizing power plays end and a viable project emerges from this fair and transparent process.
Note from Staff:
Los Reales Landfill Tour
Last month I had the chance to take a tour of the Recycling Center and the Los Reales Landfill. The new Recycling Center is a state of the art facility that combines man (and woman) power and technology to separate the different materials. The service in Tucson is single stream, i.e. you can put all your recyclable materials in the blue barrels, so that requires about 22 folks working with the computerized magnets and pressurized air blasters to sort out the materials. About 20% of the materials received at the plant are not recyclable. Some of these materials most folks might consider recyclable, such as light bulbs and plastic grocery bags, and some things are just trash. Please remember to rinse out recyclable material that contained food and leave the caps on plastic bottles!
The Los Reales Landfill was originally dug as a quarry when I-10 was widened and elevated back in the 1960’s. Sadly back then there was no thought to lining the pit when it was filled with trash, so today Pit One is a superfund site. The ground water is now treated on site and used for dust control. There are over 60 monitoring wells at the facility and the gas from the decomposing trash is sent 3 miles away to the TEP generating facility. Today Pit Four is currently being excavated, and because of the foot print of the entire Reales Landfill Environmental Services is planning for 60 more years of service.
Our team over at Environmental Services has been doing a great job!
Matt Kopec, Council Aide
Congratulations, Bill and Carol Crouse!
The entire Ward 3 staff (and many residents) offer heartfelt congratulations to Bill and Carol Crouse on the occasion of their 50th wedding anniversary. They celebrated in February and are looking back over years together that include a lot of community service. Current projects include leadership of the Mountain View Neighborhood Association and Ward 3 Neighbors Alliance, volunteering at Lend A Hand, and starting a new neighborhood farmers market in the parking lot at Boondocks Lounge. Many Happy Returns, friends.
Judith Anderson, Council Aide
Ward 3 Events:
- Shred-It at Mansfield Park – Saturday, March 7th 9:00 am – 12:00 pm at Donna R. Liggins Center located at 2160 N. 6th Avenue. Council Member Uhlich and Constable Bernal are partnering to host a Shred-It event to benefit Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse and Lend A Hand Senior Assistance.
Individuals may bring two boxes of documents to be securely shredded at no cost. A $5 donation to Lend A Hand or Emerge! is requested for additional boxes.
Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse provides domestic abuse crisis intervention and housing, prevention, education, support, and advocacy services to anyone experiencing domestic abuse. Lend A Hand Senior Assistance, Inc. is a growing coalition of central Tucson neighborhoods, faith-based communities, and business partnerships whose volunteers provide free services to our seniors to allow them to continue to age-in-place as our neighbors.
We look forward to seeing you there! For more information, please contact our office at (520) 791-4711 or ward3@tucsonaz.gov.
- Feldman's Neighborhood Household Hazardous Waste Collection - Saturday, March 7th at the SW corner of Park and Drachman from 8:00 am to 11:30 am. Dispose of your household hazardous waste products safely at this neighborhood event! Bring your paint products, solvents, house cleaners, polishes, drain openers, lawn & garden products, automotive fluids, fluorescent light bulbs, printing cartridges and more!
Please note that alkaline batteries, computer monitors, medications, explosives, ammunition, and/or infectious or radioactive waste will not be accepted.
- Lend-A-Hand Yard Sale – Saturday, March 7th – Sunday, March 8th 7:00 am – 1:00 pm at 1545 E. Water St. It's that time of year again! If you have items to donate to a worthy cause, consider Lend A Hand. Donations are tax-deductible. And, of course, plan to come to the sale –there are always some wonderful things hidden in among what used to be your stuff. To donate items call Jane Hoffmann at 323-9299.
- Karma Harvests – Saturday, March 7th at 9:00 am. Join Iskashitaa for “1st Saturday Karma Harvest” for some good karma! If you are unable to make it to the Wed/Fri harvests, this is an awesome opportunity to come out with your family, friends, school or organization and help us pick seasonal produce! To receive harvest announcements, contact Chloe Sovinee-Dyroff at 440-0100 or harvesting@iskashitaa.org
- Valley of the Moon's 3rd Annual Campfire Singalong! - Saturday, March 7th from 5:00 to 8:00 pm. Spring has come and soon the nights will be too warm for campfires! Get your campfire and community singalong fix this weekend at Valley of the Moon in the 3rd annual Campfire Singalong! This event is FREE to attend and, as if that wasn't good enough, Valley of the Moon is providing FREE marshmallows and hot cocoa too! Feel free to bring a blanket, lawn furniture, acoustic musical instruments, and a song or story to share. All singers, musicians, friends, and community members are welcome. This is your chance to take part in a magical night in Tucson's enchanted heart: Valley of the Moon.
- Refugee 101 Info Night - Thursday, March 12th, 6:00 – 8:00 pm in Room E23 at Catalina United Methodist Church, 2700 E. Speedway Blvd. Learn more about refugees and their journey to resettlement on a global, national and local level. Discover what Iskashitaa does in the community and how to volunteer! This is a great informational event with no necessary volunteer commitment. Contact us for a presentation at your location! RSVP to Emily Oshinskie at volunteer@iskashitaa.org. Join us for this interactive workshop the 2nd Thursday of the month at the same time and place!
- PPEP Help Your Neighbor Clean-up at Flowing Wells - Saturday, March 14th 7:00 am - 2:00 pm at 4314 North Romero Road (Homer Davis area). Join your neighbors and PPEP Help Your Neighbor Program for a block party and cleanup in Flowing Wells! Volunteers are needed to assist residents through the removal of refuse, graffiti abatement, trimming trees and bushes, removing weeds, repairing fences, raking yards, and painting public buildings. The area from Wetmore to Iroquois and Romero to LaCholla is what is planned to be covered. The program focuses on assisting senior citizens, low-income residents, disabled and impoverished residents.
- Hunting/Gathering: Time and Materials Artist Reception & Coffee Tasting - Saturday, March 14th 6:00 - 9:00 pm at Rain Crow 204 W Grant Rd. Join Rain Crow Art Gallery & Coffee Roasters to celebrate Hunting/Gathering: Time and Materials, a new show by artists Kathleen Koopman and Ann Keuper. Enjoy delicious coffee, fantastic company, and beautiful art. Buy Art - Be Happy.
- Community Safety - Taking Crime Away - Wednesday, March 18th 6:00 - 8:00 pm at Woods Memorial Library. Join Ward 3 Neighbor's Alliance for an important meeting on public safety in our ward. A proactive approach, this meeting will explore ideas about what each of us can do to promote safety in the community. Come, participate and hear the latest perspectives on proactive community security! TPD, TFD, Post Office, NextDoor and Good Neighbor Ventures will be there to answer questions, take notes on your concerns and give a presentation.
- Financial Literacy Classes – Saturdays, starting March 28th at the Ward 3 Community Room 1510 E Grant Road. The Mountain/1st Community Action Group and Tucson Federal Credit Union are partnering to offer free financial literacy classes covering banking, budgeting and understanding credit. The series of three classes will be held in the Ward 3 Community Room from 2:00 to 4:00 pm on consecutive Saturdays: March 28th, April 4th and April 11th. Participants who attend all three classes and attend an appointment with a budget counselor, either by phone or in-person, will be entered to win a $500 Visa card.  Seating is limited. To register or for more information, contact Ashley: ashley@mygoodneighbor.org
- Doolen/Fruitvale Neighborhood Association Annual Meeting - Saturday, April 18th 9:00 – 10:00 am at the Sparkman Butterfly Garden. Puppy meet-and-greet after. Includes breakfast potluck, juice/coffee/water will be provided. First item on the agenda is crime with TPD Officer attending to answer questions.
Neighborhood/Coalition Meetings:
- Alvernon Grant Initiative (AGI) – Tuesday, March 10th 6:30 pm at Emerge! 2425 N. Haskell
- Friends of Mansfield Park – Wednesday, March 11th 6:30 pm at Parkside Terrace 2150 N 4th Avenue
- Vista Del Monte Annual Meeting – Wednesday, March 11th 6:30 pm at Lighthouse YMCA 2900 N Columbus
Community Support Spotlight
- Lend A Hand is Seeking Volunteer Drivers! - If you have friends, family, neighbors who would drive for LAH, please send them to Michelle Brubaker at Lend A Hand! LAH needs more drivers to help seniors in our neighborhoods get to appointments. There are currently almost 30 requests weekly with the majority being medically related. Please spread the word and help out if you can! Call (520) 248-6882 or visit http://www.lahseniorhelp.org/volunteer.html for more information.
- Join the Monsoon Squad to Defend Your Public Rain Gardens! – Watershed Management invites you to be the frontline of defense for Tucson’s community rain gardens. Through gardening and observation, Monsoon Squad members play a pivotal role in keeping our rain gardens looking their best and functioning properly.
You’ll help care for one of four City Council offices (maybe even Ward 3!) and WMG’s Living Lab and Learning Center. By signing on to the Monsoon Squad, you join a force of people that gathers for exclusive trainings and special outings and makes water harvesting a shining public example.
Get more details and to join the squad. Have questions about becoming a rain garden hero? Contact Emma at 520-396-3266 x 15 or co-op@watershedmg.org. For more information, check out the Fall 2014 Newsletter, an 'Ode to the Monsoon Squad, here.
- Community Gardens in Ward 3 Seeking Gardeners - We have several beautiful community gardens in Ward 3 that are seeking new gardeners. Joining a community garden is good for your health, your spirit, and your community. Community gardeners eat healthier diets, with freshly grown, pesticide-free produce; they get exercise and spend more time outdoors; and they make lifelong friendships. With a membership at a garden near you, you get your own individual plot (approximately 3ft by 20ft) in a larger community garden. The monthly fee is $18 per plot and this fee covers the irrigation system and all water costs, a shed full of tools for your use, a monthly garden education session with a Master Gardener, and a quarterly newsletter. Scholarships are available. Each garden has a monthly meeting where you can socialize with other gardeners, ask questions, share advice, and learn something new from a Master Gardener. This is a great time to start a plot if you’re interested in growing tomatoes, peppers, summer squash, basil and more!
Garden plots are currently available at the following sites:
Blue Moon - Oracle and Drachman
Doolen Middle School - 2400 North Country Club Road
Mansfield - Mansfield Park 2000 N 4th Avenue
Presidio - Near Fort Lowell & Country Club
Saint Demetrios - 1145 East Fort Lowell Road
Any interested gardeners can contact Community Gardens of Tucson at admin@communitygardensoftucson.org or 520-795-8823 for more information!
Citywide Events:
- Quilombo Day! – Saturday, March 7th 11:00 am – 4:00 pm at Armory Park. In this spirit of inter-communal solidarity, enjoy a day of dance, drumming and free capoeira classes at Armory Park! Free classes to the public for all ages, all day: Samba dancing & drumming! Youth Capoeira Class, West African Drumming, Hip Hop Class, Brazilian & African Drumming!!! Featured Local Preformers and Groups to included: Sol AXE, Axe CapoeiraTucson, Capoeira Brasil Tucson, and more. Music spun by Spencer Brummer aka Dj Alias. https://www.facebook.com/events/321790338031092/
- Kidical Mass – Saturday, March 7th 12:00 – 2:00 pm at El Grupo Clubhouse 600 N 9th Ave. Kidical Mass is a legal, safe and FUN bike ride for kids, kids at heart, and their families. The rides are meant to be family friendly bike rides through a community and to highlight routes that connect you to other parts of the community. This will be the last Kidical Mass bike ride event of the 2014-2015 winter season. The short, leisurely ride will start and end at the El Grupo Youth Cycling clubhouse located in the Dunbar Spring Neighborhood. Bike repair and support will be available from El Grupo youth riders as will free helmets, light sets, maps and other fun giveaways. And of course, Isabella’s ice cream will provide free treats to all riders in the afternoon.
- City Manager Community Forum -- Tuesday, March 10th at 7:30 pm in Mayor and Council Chambers of City Hall, 255 W. Alameda St. The Mayor and Council have scheduled a Community Forum to give members of the public the opportunity to meet the finalist candidates for the position of City Manager and to ask questions relevant to the position. Copies of their résumés will be available at the forum, as will be comment cards for attendees to give their feedback to Mayor and Council.

The résumés of the City Manager candidates will also be posted online on Tuesday, March 10th, shortly after they are made available to the City Clerk's Office. They will be placed on the City's main page as a hot topic. (To locate, Google City of Tucson Hot Topics)

The following morning, Wednesday, March 11, the City Manager Appointment Advisory Committee will meet at 8:00 am in the Mayor and Council Chambers to interview candidates and to formulate a recommendation to Mayor and Council. This meeting will be open to the general public to observe. It is anticipated to run into the early afternoon.

- Charter Review Committee Public Hearings – Tuesday, March 10th and Thursday, March 12th. The Charter Review Committee is reviewing and making recommendations regarding possible amendments to sections of the Tucson City Charter. The public comment period for the Charter Review Committee will end on March 20th and leading up to that, there will be two public hearings:
March 10th 5:00 pm - El Pueblo Neighborhood Center, 101 W. Irvington Road
March 12th 5:00 pm - Morris K. Udall Regional Center, 7200 E. Tanque Verde Road
Please join in to learn about the Charter Review process and provide your input! This is a very important topic for our city.
- 7th Annual Tucson Festival of Books – Saturday and Sunday, March 14th – 15th, 9:30 am to 5:30 pm. The Tucson Festival of Books is coming up! Spend a beautiful spring break weekend with over 100,000 fellow book lovers at the University of Arizona Mall and nearby venues for exhibits, hands-on literacy activities and presentations by more than 400 authors. The event is free for the whole family! Visit http://tucsonfestivalofbooks.org/ for all the details. Also, the festival is still looking for volunteers – check out http://tucsonfestivalofbooks.org/?id=187 for more info.
- Tucson Cine Mexico 2015 – Thursday, March 19th – Sunday, March 22nd at The Screening Room 127 E Congress St. Tucson Cine Mexico 2015 ticketing and program information is now available online at http://www.tucsoncinemexico.org/! This year's lineup includes outstanding and award-winning documentaries, dramas, comedies, and a thriller. All films will be FREE and presented at the newly renovated Screening Room. Don't miss special events such as the Mexican box office hit Gloria (screening in advance of its USA release) and a musical performance after the documentary Corridos, sones y pasiones!
- Family Fun Night - Monday, March 23rd  and every 4th Monday of the month from 4:00 – 6:00 pm join refugees from all over the Tucson community at Refugee Focus on 120 N. Stone Avenue for a night of Family Fun! Join Iskashitaa there and give a ride to a refugee!
- Food for Thought - Thurs, March 26th, First Christian Church, 740 E. Speedway Blvd. Come participate in a night of cross-cultural exchange with Iskashitaa Refugee Network as refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East share traditional dishes from their home countries! We hope you will join us for this valuable opportunity to converse and build community. Use a family recipe and bring a dish to pass! RSVP or contact Stephanie with questions at iskashitaafoodworkshops@gmail.com or 440-0100.
- Tucson Homeless Connect Event - Friday, March 27th at Trinity Presbyterian Church at 400 E. University Blvd. Need Help? Seeking Services? Come to this one-day, one-stop event to get connected to the services that you need including:

• Information on how to get an I.D.
• Clothing
• Shelter/Housing
• Legal Assistance
• Homeless Court

• Help with benefits
• Health Screenings
• Haircuts
• Ticket Assistance
• Pet Care & Grooming

Services will be available from 8:30 am – 12:30 pm with lunch provided from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. No weapons, no alcohol, no drugs.
Stay tuned for information on the next Tucson Homeless Connect event. For volunteer/donation opportunities contact Tucson Homeless Connect today! Check out the donations page for a full list of items needed for each event.
- Sam Hughes Home and Neighborhood Tour - Sunday, April 12 from noon until 5:00 pm. This self-guided walking tour of the one square mile neighborhood bounded by Campbell Ave./Country Club Rd. and Speedway Blvd./Broadway consists of private residences and gardens as well as several venues that represent the diversity of this historically-designated midtown neighborhood. Tickets are $20 and will be on sale day-of-the-tour in front of Rincon Market (2513 E. 6th St.) beginning at 10:00 am. Pre-tour ticket purchase will be available at Arte de la Vida 37 N. Tucson Blvd. beginning April 1. For more information, call 520-323-7891 or see samhughes.org.
- Shift Your Potty Paradigm From Waste to Resource: CT Build Workshop - Saturday, April 18th 9:00 am – 4:00 pm WMG's Living Lab, 1137 N Dodge Blvd. WMG promotes safe and effective use of your waste by turning it into a resource. Come learn how to properly use and maintain a composting toilet with Brad Lancaster. Then assemble and take home your own kit-based barrel system composting toilet. The kit comes complete and ready to install at your home. Learn more about this 1-day workshop, what is included, and what you may need prior to installing your own system at https://watershedmg.org/civicrm/event/info?id=448&reset=1 . Also consider checking out WMG’s Kickstarter campaign to publish Poo to Peaches a children’s book on composting toilets.
Did You Know...?
Spring is here and if you have been around the Donna Liggins Center or Mansfield Park, you know what that means..........EGGstravaganza!! Save the date.... Saturday, April 4th from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm. Enjoy free family fun with carnival games, egg hunts, prizes, and the Easter Bunny! Food is available for purchase.
Also, the Donna Liggins Center will hosting a Spring Break SchoolzOut Program for participants ages 5-14, 7:30 am - 6:00 pm from March 16th – 20th. Cost is $2.00 per day per child. Games, sports, crafts and much more!
PS....DLC also has basketball courts, senior programs, computer lab, game room, pickleball, and room rentals! Call for more info at 791-3247 or check them out at https://www.parks.tucsonaz.gov/parks
…the Community Gardens of Tucson is looking for individuals with experience and dedication to our community who will consider becoming a member of their Board of Directors? This work has never been more important than today. If you believe you could be an asset to the organization, request a description of board member responsibilities at admin@communitygardensoftucson.org.
…that all 193 United Nations member states have adopted a resolution calling for happiness to be given greater priority, and March 20th has been declared the International Day of Happiness. Tucson is celebrating! Mayor Rothschild will read a proclamation that day and organizations and neighborhoods all over town are planning events and projects through the weekend of March 20-22. Take the Happiness Sprinkling Project, for example -- small groups will deck themselves out in yellow, smile, spread cheer and take pictures of each other doing it. Check out the photo and get more information at www.happinesssprinklingproject.org. If you think you'd like to sprinkle or want other ideas, contact Anita Fonte at Do Happy Today, acfonte@aol.com. For more info, visit http://dohappytoday.com/index.html
that residents are invited to take part in a Transportation Academy? The Pima Association of Governments (PAG) and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) are hosting a Citizens Transportation Academy to give residents a chance to learn how to get involved in transportation planning efforts. There will be three 90-minute programs, beginning March 31, which will be held at the Pima Association of Governments Building at Broadway and Stone. PAG and the RTA say they are looking for people who haven't had the chance to get involved in a community process related to transportation. The deadline to apply for the academy is March 1. Follow the links below for more information.
about the New Salpointe STEM Center? Salpointe Catholic High School’s new STEM Center is a one-of-a-kind facility in Southern Arizona. The new 8,000 square-foot Cracchiolo Family Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Center features indoor and outdoor learning spaces, and state-of-the-art equipment and software.
Some of the state-of-the-art equipment includes a TroTec Speedy 300 Laser Engraver, a Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Promill 8000 machine, and a uPrint 3D printer. The Salpointe STEM center is also home to a new biomedical laboratory, where students will learn how biology and other natural sciences can lead to developments in medicine and health care.
For more information visit https://www.salpointe.org/page/Academics/STEM-Program or contact Erin Coulter, Digital Communications Manager, Salpointe Catholic High School at (520) 547-1950 ecoulter@salpointe.org