Paul’s Note: Friday, November 1st, 2019

Paul’s Note
Friday, November 1st, 2019
Paul’s Note
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Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Ward 3 Events
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Paul’s Note
Election Day is November 5th
If you haven’t voted in Tuesday’s election, it is now too late to put your ballot in the mail. Below is information from the Clerk’s office on what to do with your ballot (or what to do if you’ve lost or spoiled your ballot).
In a previous newsletter, I wrote about what you should expect on the ballot. You can find a link to that here if you have questions about the ballot measures you’ll be voting on. No matter how you vote, please make sure your voice is heard.
Amphi Neighborhood Events
On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending a couple events happening in the Amphi Neighborhood. I want to thank the 25+ volunteers who participated in the morning neighborhood clean-up. Below is a photo of my Council Aide, Sarah Launius, with a small team of Amphi residents as well as staff and students from Literacy Connects who all chipped in to clean up some overgrown vegetation on Yavapai Road.
Susan, Soledad, Jay, Miguel and Sarah celebrate as they finish up their clean-up efforts.
Later that evening my office along with TPD, Literacy Connects, Gospel Rescue Mission, Habitat Tucson and St. Francis Men’s Shelter hosted a very successful Halloween movie in Amphi Neighborhood Park.
My office took advantage of the event to present the team of formerly homeless men who run the St. Francis Shelter with a City of Tucson certificate from Mayor Rothschild.
Here’s what the certificate says:
On behalf of the people of Tucson, it is with great honor that this certificate is presented to the St. Francis Men’s Shelter Staff in recognition of your commitment to the Amphi Neighborhood and your dedication to help those in need.
The St. Francis Men’s Shelter Staff has gone above and beyond in the line of duty to assist men experiencing homelessness. Their extraordinary efforts help provide food and shelter for many in need. The staff again demonstrated their caring and devotion to the community this September when they helped a family whose home was on the verge of condemnation. By cleaning the home of tons of debris, the staff was critical to the at-risk family avoiding homelessness. The entire community is grateful for their work.
If you see these guys around the park, at Sacred Heart or at the Thrift shop they run over on 1st Avenue, say hello and thank them for their good work.
Maureen Hazlet from the Amphi Neighborhood Association and Council Member Paul Durham present the St. Francis team with a much-deserved recognition.
Environmental Remediation of Groundwater Creates New Reclaimed Water Resources
On Monday, I had the pleasure of cutting the ribbon to the new Silverbell Groundwater Treatment Plant. This facility will clean up contaminated groundwater and keep it from spreading underground. It will turn that polluted groundwater into a resource via our reclaimed water system where it will be used for irrigating turf and landscapes throughout our community.
Director Thomure of Tucson Water, Council Member Durham, Director De La Torre of Environmental and General Services and Director Dennis of Parks and Recreation in front of the Silverbell Pump & Treat facility.
This facility is located at a former solid waste landfill site that the city operated from 1966-1977. In the 1980s contamination from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) was discovered in the groundwater above permitted levels. While these VOCs were not impacting drinking water, the city and state did begin to clean up the site via an air injection/soil vapor extraction system and by 2005 had removed 2,000 pounds of VOCs. In 2003, just as the previous remediation effort was aging out, a pipeline operated by Kinder Morgan released gasoline into an area south of the site, adding another dimension to the site’s remediation strategy. Kinder Morgan began operating a soil vapor extraction system in 2007 in response to the impacts of the gasoline spill. To date, they have extracted over 50,000 gallons of hydrocarbons.
Now with the three extraction wells pumping groundwater into the Silverbell Pump & Treat facility the city will achieve maximum remedial results. Daily, 1.4 million gallons of water will be treated by flowing through the two granular activated carbon units. The water from this plant will be used within our reclaimed water system, which serves about 1,000 customers through a 200 mile network of “purple pipes” including the majority of our parks, schools and golf courses.
The City of Tucson was one of the first cities in the nation to begin recycling water in this way, treating it for irrigation and other non-drinking water uses. We recently expanded our uses for reclaimed water with the Santa Cruz River Heritage Project.
The reclaimed water of Tucson. The Silverbell site is circled in red.
You’ve read my previous newsletter items regarding One Water—or the idea that every drop has value and has multiple potential cycles of use. This facility is a great example of One Water by taking contaminated water, treating it to high standards and then reusing it for turf. The Silverbell Pump & Treat facility will help us be better stewards of our land and water resources.
- Paul D.
Pet of the Week
November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month. With that in mind I bring you Lucky! Pima Animal Care Center staff thinks he’s about 10 years old. He’s been in the shelter for over a month and is looking to get lucky and head to his forever home ASAP. He’s currently in foster care and if you want to know more about him you can email for more information.
Remember that dogs over 6 years old have their adoption fees waved, so all you have to do to take him with you is get his Pima County dog license which you can get right at PACC while you wait.  
Who will be luckier, you or Lucky?
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Barrio Blue Moon
November 3rd
2-3 pm
Tucson House
1501 N. Oracle Rd
November 7th
6pm – 7pm
Vineyard Church
3150 E Ft. Lowell Rd
El Cortez
November 7th
Donna Liggins Center
2160 N 6th Ave
Ward 3 Events
Thrive in the 05 Fall Fest & Resource Fair
November 2nd
10 am-1 pm
Nash Elementary School
515 W Kelso St
THRIVE in the 05 is a place-based, community-driven collaboration between Innovations in Community-Based Crime Reduction, Choice Neighborhoods, and Workforce & Economic Development projects in the Oracle Road and Miracle Mile area of the 85705 zip code. It is led by ASU School of Social Work's Office of Community Health, Engagement and Resiliency, City of Tucson Housing & Community Development, and Pima Community College.
THRIVE in the 05 Surveyor Training
Wednesday                                                        Wednesday
October 30th                                                       November 5th
9-11 am                                                                5:30-7:30 pm
ASU School of Social Work                           TPD Westside Police Station                       
340 N Commerce Park Loop                        1310 W Miracle Mile
2nd Floor
Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer for THRIVE in the 05? Do you want to gain or practice your research skills? Join the THRIVE team in an effort to survey households in the THRIVE in the 05 community.
Please apply and RSVP below or contact us for more information at or (520) 884-5507 ext. 20609.
Must be 18 or older to survey; bilingual volunteers are especially needed.
Learn more and read the latest news at
For more information go to or call (520) 884-5507 ext. 20609.
The Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona Open Studio Tours is coming to Ward 3
North Tour
November 2nd & 3rd
10 am-5 pm
South Tour
November 9th & 10th
10 am-5 pm
Open Studio Tours is a free, self-guided tour presented by the Arts Foundation that gives the public a peek inside the creative work spaces of artists from various disciplines. Artists working in Ward 3 will be featured during both the North and South Tours. With two weekends of tours available, visitors are able to see the skill and creativity that goes into work being created in their own neighborhoods. The hope is that visitors will discover artists and map out their own tour of open studios using the digital map provided at
Plan to attend and support these 19 artists working and creating in Ward 3:
  1. Alexandra Berger Clamons
  2. Curt Brill
  3. Anne Carrel
  4. Bill Colligen
  5. Barclay Dick
  6. Mimi Haggerty
  7. Shane Haggerty
  8. Shannon Haggerty
  9. Jerry Harris
  10. Ramona Jones
  11. Kathy Keler
  12. Maxine Krasnow
  13. Meredith Milstead
  14. Barbara Peabody
  15. Fred Ruth
  16. Jody Saito
  17. Victoria Schneider
  18. Richard Zelens
  19. Joe Zeller
More information about each artist listed can be found here:
Follow this link to view the event page
Sugar Hill Block Party 2
November 9th
4-7 pm
Mansfield Park
2000N 4th Ave
City Wide Events
Taste of the Desert Festival
November 2nd
10 am-2 pm
The Garden Kitchen
2205 S 4th Ave
For more information visit, email or call
30th Annual All Souls Procession and Grand Finale
November 3rd
4 am-10 pm
The Procession is an enormous community-created, non-commercial event to creatively honor and celebrate our dead. Open to all cultures, all traditions, all art forms, all people. Free to participate.
Everyone who attends is responsible for helping to create a safe, positive, celebratory, and respectful experience for themselves and everyone else.
For more on the intentions, spirit, history, and meanings of the Procession, you can look at our history, videos, and our blog (all on For questions that are not answered here, you can look at our FAQs.
Did You Know...?
Spotlight on Rivers
Screening of the Documentary Film Viva la Verde
November 8th
6:30-8:30 pm
The Screening Room
127 E Congress St
Arizona Rivers support precious habitat and groundwater supplies.  The Verde River in Yavapai County is one of the most extensive remaining valley rivers which flow year round.  In addition to providing important resource value, the Verde River is a destination for birders and kayakers and is respected and prized by many Arizonans.
Viva la Verde is a conservation film about the Verde River. Prior to the start of the film, local music duo, Febbo Fuentes, will present a program of river songs.  Short intermissions during the film will feature presentations by filmmaker Hugh Denno, Jon Fuller, author of Verde River Elegy and Evan Canfield, project lead for the joint Pima County and Sonoran Institute leadership project “A Living River” which restores and monitors habitat ecosystems on the lower Santa Cruz River.
Denno’s goal is to empower audiences to take action that will ensure a healthy future for the Verde River and other southwestern rivers by utilizing practical strategies for water conservation.  At every stage of its development, Viva la Verde has proven to be a very effective tool that successfully communicates the significance of our water resource choices and the precarious state of southwestern desert rivers.  Denno will be in Tucson November 4 through 8, if there is an opportunity for a live interview about his efforts to promote watershed health in Arizona.
The following websites contain additional information:
United Way Volunteer Opportunity
Every year, United Way of Tucson recruits and trains volunteers to help local families prepare their taxes for free. For many clients served through United Way's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA), their tax refund is the biggest check they'll receive all year or a financial lifeline that helps them stretch their monthly budgets a bit further. United Way of Tucson is looking for volunteers to join their team this season.
VITA volunteers serve in a variety of ways including tax preparer, Spanish interpreter, greeter/document screener and intake specialist. No previous tax preparation experience necessary. United Way trains all volunteers and staff is available throughout the season to help you along the way.
To find out more and to sign up to attend an upcoming (October-December) orientation go to You can also contact United Way's volunteer manager at or call United Way at 520-903-9000 and tell the operator you want to learn more about volunteering with VITA.
Council Member Paul Durham is on Social Media!
Ward 3 has Facebook and Twitter pages so you can keep up with our Council Member and stay in touch with what's happening in Tucson and around the Ward.
Follow us on Twitter: @CMPaul_Durham
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