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Friday, August 28, 2020
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Ward 3 News and Updates
Hello, Ward 3 stakeholders. This newsletter may read differently to you than previous newsletters. The reason for that is because the Ward 3 team is writing this week’s newsletter without Council Member Durham’s contributions. Paul is at home recovering from multiple rib fractures he sustained over the weekend. We hope you will join us in wishing him a quick recovery.
In this week’s newsletter we share a number of Ward 3 highlights including: Thrive in the 05 care packages, the City of Tucson small business visual improvement program, the City’s Census 2020 digital ad campaign, and Tucson Water’s water harvesting tips. We also have a couple great stories about a new mural in Ward 3 as well as a multi-business effort led by TPD to improve the intersection of Grant Blvd and Oracle Rd. Stay tuned and don’t forget to #MaskUpTucson!
Grant/Oracle Business Coalition
When some people look at the intersection of West Grant and North Oracle roads, they see problems. They see people who congregate around and at the intersection, people who cause trouble and problems for the businesses that dot the four corners.
When Tucson Police Lt. Frank Hand sees the intersection, he also sees those problems. And he and his fellow officers from Operations Division West deal with those persistent problems. But after a constant spinning of the wheel with no stopping, Lt. Hand saw an opportunity to stop the circling of the same cast of people and criminal activity.
His answer is one that he believes will relieve the area of the troubles and give business owners some breathing room. He calls it the Grant and Oracle Business Coalition.
Lt. Hand and Community Service Officer Erin Peters have collected 32 signatures from businesses in and around the intersection to participate in a new initiative. The goal is to get the businesses to collaborate on solving their common issues and problems, and to create a safe zone where residents, customers and business owners can be free of the hassles with people who loiter, panhandle and commit crimes. The zone is not so big that it’s unworkable but just the right size to have a significant benefit, the Lieutenant said.
"I appreciate the participation from each area business, and I enjoyed meeting the owners/managers and employees while I worked on this project,” he added.
All of which is welcomed, said two business owners.
Melissa McGary, who along with her husband, Ty McGary, recently opened their discount grocery store in the vacant Walgreens building on the northwest corner of Grant and Oracle. It’s a location they wanted to be in, after eight years at Ft. Lowell and Stone.
“We’re here to serve the community that needs us,” she said.
But doing business at Oracle and Grant came with an added cost: dealing with problems caused by individuals. Someone lit a fire outside the building. Some people soil the parking lot. Panhandlers scare away customers.
Across the street and a block south at American Mobility, Mathew Fremont, said he’s hopeful that the problems he has seen around his business for 18 years will ease up.
“We need to revitalize the area,” he said.
To help straighten out the intersection, the businesses will post “No Trespassing” signs, citing state code, visible on each side of the business and at eye level. In conjunction with the signs, the businesses will have the “no trespassing” letter of consent. What this does is if someone is found trespassing at one business, it will be considered trespassing at all the other properties, the Lieutenant explained.
However, because of the COVID restrictions, police can only cite trespassers and repeated trespassers cannot be booked. But Tucson police will warn and notify individuals found on the properties listed that they must leave. Depending on the circumstances misdemeanor charges will be issued.
The majority of the problems come at night. But if Tucson police can reduce the number of times people trespass or camp overnight, the business owners will have to deal with less removal of trash, human waste, needles and other items.
Lt. Hand said the new collaboration should begin soon.
New Art at Rio Vista Elementary School
Recently, the Rio Vista Bulldogs added a new mural to their campus. Rio Vista has a super hero theme for their student of the month program and that was incorporated into the art.
Andy Morales, a teacher at Rio Vista, worked with the artist Camila Ibarra to create the mural. Ibarra is studying civil engineering at Arizona State University and she has a passion for painting. She has also been painting murals in the downtown area and, according to her Facebook page, she is looking for opportunities to paint more.
Artist Camila Ibarra
Students, teachers and families have expressed their appreciation for the mural. “Looks great!” “The kids will love it,” are the comments that have been shared with the Principal Dianna Kuhn.
This project is a wonderful new addition to Ward 3.
Census 2020
Council Member Durham shared recently about efforts to increase response rates to the Census 2020 questionnaire in Tucson. You can see the up-to-date map below:
Those orange and light tan tracts in Wards 1, 3 and 5 are of top concern. If we can increase the response rates there, it would mean millions of dollars to support programs that are valuable to Tucsonans. To help us get there, the City of Tucson is putting out targeted digital ads. You can see them here and share them later with your networks:
Help us get the word out. We need every Tucsonan to be counted and claim what’s yours!
Care Packages for Tucson House and Other Thrive in the 05 Residents
ASU’s Thrive in the 05 School of Social Work’s team is actively working on the Helping Hands care package initiative to support seniors and disabled community members during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are currently seeking volunteers to assist in packaging and delivering items to Tucson House residents (1501 N. Oracle Rd.) Learn more or to sign up to volunteer here
Relatedly, we are still actively seeking household supplies, reading materials and crossword puzzles/sudoku games to support our seniors and disabled residents at Tucson House who continue to face social isolation during this time. Please respond to this email if you would like to make a donation.
City of Tucson Small Business Visual Improvement Program
The City of Tucson is now accepting applications for our Visual Improvement Program (VIP). VIP is great for property owners or business tenants seeking to renovate or restore exterior façades, signage, and lighting for commercial buildings. The purpose of the VIP program is to encourage investment in, and revitalization of, key commercial areas and corridors through incentives and infrastructure improvements. The program is designed to impact properties in need of revitalization and strives to increase sales and/or revenue for the property owner or tenant. Learn more about the program here
Harvesting Rainwater
Tucson Water recently sent out a great infographic on the many ways that Tucsonans can harvest rain water. In light of our disappointing monsoon season so far this year, it warrants revisiting just how important it can be to utilize the water that does reach your home or business for irrigation.
As desert dwellers, we are keenly aware that water in all its forms is critical to our future sustainability and how we live. Monsoon season brings rain, a renewable source of water that can be used on landscapes – instead of valuable drinking water. Join the 2,654 customers with rainwater harvesting systems that have collected 70 million gallons of rainwater! Tucson Water offers rebates for both passive and active rainwater harvesting systems. Passive harvesting can be as simple as digging basins, berms, and swales to direct rainwater to plants. Active rainwater harvesting includes storing rainwater in a tank for later use, with overflow directed to the landscape. 
On behalf of Council Member Paul Durham, the entire Ward 3 team wishes you a safe, healthy and happy weekend.
-Paul Durham
Pet of the Week
Dorian Gray is a handsome if not unusual 7-year-old American Curl shorthair. Why is he called an American Curl? Just look at the curl on his ears. He is easygoing and looking for someone who will lavish lots of love on him.
For more information about Dorian Gray, visit Pima Animal Care Center - Tucson and ask for information about animal ID number: A714845
To protect staff, volunteers and visitors from COVID-19, hours and operations of PACC are limited and require an appointment. To adopt, please submit an adoption survey and schedule an appointment using the link found in the survey confirmation email. Please email with questions.
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Sugar Hill
September 2
Join Zoom Meeting

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PIN 94553247401# US (Phoenix)
September 3
6-7 pm
Zoom – Email for link
Ward 3 Events
Tucson Mask Share is Hosting a Mask Drive at Ward 3 Office
August 29th
9 am-noon
Ward 3 Council Office
RSVP ON Facebook:  

No contact drive-up, walk-up, or bike-up mask collecting drive for Tucson Mask Share.
There will also be pet food available for those who need it or know someone who does.
Anyone is welcome to pick up dog or cat food if they need it or to give to someone else.
-Cloth masks
-100% cotton fabric (10x6" or larger)

Those who cannot attend are welcome to donate here 

Learn more about Tucson Mask Share on their website
Tucson Mask Share is a grassroots organization collecting & distributing made masks & materials to community partners through Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness (TPCH)Sun Tran, & Tucson Food Share. These masks are delivered to people who cannot shelter in place because they are experiencing homelessness or must access public services. 

It is our goal to slow the spread of COVID19.   

City-Wide Events
Southern Arizona Community Food Bank Virtual Hunger Walk
September 12
On Saturday, September 12th, go for a 1-mile walk around your neighborhood, a park, or anywhere else you desire. Along the way, share photos online and know that hundreds of your neighbors are also walking in support of hunger relief at the same time!
To find out more and register for this event go to the website for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona.
Tucson Small Scale Development Virtual Workshop-October 6, 2020
Do you think about developing real estate on a small scale but assume it’s out of reach – Who will provide financing?  How do I work with city planning?  What builders, engineers, or architects will to help on small projects?  The answers to these questions and more will be provided by The Incremental Development Alliance. 
In addition, people may register for one of two pre-event workshops (“Recruitment Lectures”) to learn more about the October 6th workshop at one of the links below:
The Tucson workshop instructor, Monte Anderson, interviewed with Zack Yentzer of The Tipping Point on August 12 and you can listen to it at 1030 KVOI AM The Voice.
For a press release about Monte Anderson, click here.
Did You Know?
Applications Open for the Live Well Arizona Incubator
Does your neighborhood have an issue it would like to address? Read about this opportunity.
The Incubator is a collaboration between Arizona Partnership for Healthy Communities and Vitalyst Health Foundation. An information webinar will be held September 3 at 2pm.
The Live Well Arizona Incubator is a 10-month program designed to support and accelerate the work of teams seeking to address community issues. Each team is paired with a coach to guide it in developing goals and an action plan. Incubator participants will attend a variety of virtual workshops to inform and enhance the team’s work to find community-driven solutions to address health and well-being.
There is no charge to the selected team, and each team is awarded a small stipend to support its community work.   
Applications are due October 16, 2020.  Applicants will be notified by November 16, 2020. 
Click here to learn more about this program.
Help Available for Struggling Pet Owners
Pima Animal Care Center is helping pet owners affected by COVID-19 to get cat and dog food (more than 150,000 meals donated so far), nail trims, harnesses, and more. The free service is provided at various days and times throughout the city. For more information, follow the links below.
Workers & Families Grant Program Runs Through September 9
Workers and families negatively affected by COVID-19 can apply for financial assistance grants through the Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona until September 9. Go to the City of Tucson website for more information about how you may qualify for up to $700 per individual and $1,200 per family from Tucson CARES Act funding.
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