Paul's Note: Friday, October 18th, 2019

Paul’s Note
Friday, October 18th, 2019
Paul’s Note
Domestic Violence Awareness Month
Pet of the Week
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Ward 3 Events
City Wide Events
Did You Know?
Paul’s Note
November Election
All registered voters in the City of Tucson should have received a ballot in the mail by now. If you didn’t get yours, lost it, spoiled it or otherwise have questions, you can call the clerk’s office at (520) 884-8683.
On the ballot are candidates running for Mayor, Ward 1, Ward 2 and Ward 4. In our hybrid-election process, voters city-wide can vote for candidates running for each ward in the general election.
Also on the ballot are Proposition 205 and Proposition 409. Proposition 205 has received a lot of media attention recently. If you’re undecided, you can do a cursory google search or check out the voter guide mailed to you earlier this month. The voter guide includes arguments for and against the proposition, including an argument I co-authored.
Proposition 409 has gotten significantly less coverage in the media. In 1993, our City Charter was amended to require the establishment of a citizens’ commission to review elected official salaries every two years. That commission independently came to the conclusion that Mayor and Council Member salaries should be raised and placed the item on the ballot. Their recommendation is to increase the Mayor’s salary from $42,000 to $63,128 and each Council Member’s salary from $24,000 to $42,081. I can guarantee you that no member of the Council is holding their breath for a raise.
I’m sure some of you are rolling your eyes, thinking the city doesn’t have enough money to give raises to elected officials when our budget is already so stretched. I understand and respect that position. There’s a rationale for adopting the pay increase laid out in the voter guide by the citizens’ commission. In it, they make several points. I think perhaps the most important is that bumping the Council Member salary to $42k- the median household income in the City of Tucson- may increase the pool of candidates who can run for office and serve. Several of my colleagues have full time jobs and young kids to juggle with their Council duties. Increasing the wage may help a more diverse pool of candidates serve in the future.
In the end, it’s up to the voters and I’m prohibited from using my newsletter to tell you how to vote anyway. But, as I already said, I am not holding my breath.
November Election Part 2: Schools!
If you live in Amphi, Flowing Wells or Sunnyside School Districts, you have another incredibly important election to vote in. Because of the difference in the way the city and the county’s election system works, you’ll be getting two ballots in you live in the city limits and in one of these districts.
In Amphi, there are two propositions for voters to consider, 475 and 476. Proposition 475 is a continuation of Amphi’s existing budget override. The money will be allocated to maintaining class sizes, funding programs like art and physical education, and special intervention programs for kids who need a little extra help.
Proposition 476 is a special budget override to provide free full-day Kindergarten in all of Apmhi’s elementary and K-8 schools. Right now, the Legislature only provides funding for half-day kindergarten so the override will make up the difference in funding. Not only will free full-day Kindergarten be offered, but the money will also be used to reduce class sizes in grades K-3.
In Flowing Wells, Proposition 473 is a continuation of their existing budget override. They’ll use the money to maintain class sizes, full-day Kindergarten, fine arts and physical education programs and ensure their teachers are paid a competitive wage.
Lastly, Sunnyside will consider Proposition 474. Proposition 474 is a new budget override that will fund resources for teacher attraction, retention and support. It will also expand their College and Career Academy and after school tutoring programs.
All of us wish the Legislature would do a better job of funding education. Until they do, it’ll require school districts to hold these overrides to build programs parents need. I hope you’ll do your research on these initiatives. Because the county oversees school board elections, please contact the Pima County Recorder’s Office at (520) 724-4330 if you questions.
Welcome TFD Chief Chuck Ryan
I joined the Tucson Fire Department and city leadership on Monday to welcome our new TFD Chief at his badge pinning ceremony at Fire Central. This is his first month on the job after a nationwide search and we’re excited to have him onboard.
Tucson Fire is an ISO rated Class 1 fire department, which is the highest rating possible. It’s one of only a few in Arizona and only a few hundred nationwide. We’re proud of the legacy of excellence TFD has and we’re excited for Chief Ryan to continue to move the department forward.

You may have read in a recent Arizona Daily Star article an update on the e-scooters. The first month of the pilot program shows positive numbers for ridership.
One of the points that I want to reemphasize is the potential positive impact of e-scooters. As I mentioned before, e-scooters can help with the first mile/last mile of transit usage. This means that e-scooters could replace car trips by connecting people from their origin or destination and bus or street car stop. E-scooters also have ability to displace ride share trips that would otherwise be short or medium car rides. Obviously if someone is torn between an e-scooter and bike I would encourage bicycling, if you are able, as it promotes fitness. E-scooter offers an ability to reduce congestion and carbon emissions.
Like with anything new there will be growing pains, but I am pleased with progress so far. As mentioned in the article, TDOT is working to incorporate the insights gained during this first month into data platforms and surveys. As always, feel free to share your thoughts with me as the pilot program continues.
Ocotillo Oracle Clean Up
Tomorrow morning, Ward 3 is co-hosting another community clean-up with the Thrive in the ’05 team. This week it’s in the Ocotillo Oracle neighborhood and we’re staging out of PCC’s downtown campus at 9:30am. We hope to see you there. If your neighborhood is interested in hosting a clean-up, let our office know and we’d be happy to help with logistics and tools.

- Paul D.
Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We have been partnering with Emerge to help bring attention to the issue and provide resources for you or someone you know who may be experiencing domestic violence.
Emerge is sharing stories about domestic abuse that often go untold every week throughout the month of October. This week’s story comes from April Ignacio, a citizen of the Tohono O’odham Nation, who shares her experience with Missing & Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), and what you can do to help now that you know about these women who have gone missing or lost their lives to violence.

There are still two more weeks in October and the Emerge calendar is full of events. Check out all of the different activities that are coming up and help us support Emerge in their efforts to help domestic abuse survivors by attending any of them!  
Don’t forget about Wear Purple Day next Thursday, October 24th. You can participate by wearing your favorite purple item to show solidarity with survivors and sending your picture to or tag @EmergeTucson on social media. Join us as we Paint Pima Purple!
Pet of the Week

Check Tank out. He is a 4-year-old German Shepherd Dog German Shepherd Dog (sometimes abbreviated as GSD). You can find this handsome guy at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. He will be looking for you when you come down to the shelter for the MEGA-Adoption event that starts today. You can read more about that below. GSDs are known to be intelligent, obedient, curious, loyal, alert, confident, watchful and courageous. Because of all of these traits they make excellent family pets and companion animals, and with training make fantastic guard dogs with their drive to work and their loyalty to their care givers. GSDs are the second most popular registered breed in the country! Once you meet Tank it won’t take much to convince you why.
Tucson Shelters host Joint MEGA-Adoption Event This Weekend
October 18th-20th
Pima Animal Care Center (PACC), 4000 N. Silverbell Road, is teaming up with the Humane Society of Southern Arizona (HSSA), 635 W. Roger Road, and the Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary, 5278 E. 21st St., to get 600 pets adopted in the “Tucson Shelters United” mega-adoption event. Thousands of pets will be up for adoption. All three shelters are offering 50% off adoption fees for all pets at least four months old. A variety of specials will be offered at the three locations, including "Freaky Friday Foster Fair," "Spooky Saturday," Sounds for Hounds," carnival games, raffle prizes, and more. Visit the websites linked below for more information.
Event information:
Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary:
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Flowing Wells Estates Neighborhood Watch
October 19th
4-5 pm
Old Times Kafe
1485 W Prince Rd
Central Segments Safety Coalition
October 22nd
6:30-8 pm
Ward 3 Community Room
1510 E Grant Rd
Jefferson Park
October 23rd
6-8 pm
Ward 3 Community Room
1510 E Grant Rd
Richland Heights East Annual Meeting
October 28th  
6:30-8 pm
Peniel Church
1990 E Prince Rd
Ward 3 Events
Meetup on Mabel a.k.a. Feldman's Neighborhood Block Party
October 19th
4-6 pm
E Mabel St between N 3rd Ave and N 4th Ave
Come out and join your Feldman’s Neighbors at the block party for G.A.I.N. (Getting Arizona Involved in Neighborhoods)
Bring an appetizer or dessert to share. Bring a folding chair so you can hang out, listen to some music, learn about your neighborhood and meet your neighbors.
Ocotillo Oracle Clean Up
October 19th
8:30 am
Meet in Pima Community College Downtown Campus Parking Lot (next to Drachman) for coffee, snacks, tools and team assignments.
For more information or to RSVP call Sarah Launius at the Ward 3 office, 520-791-4711.
Community Hate Crimes Forum
October 19th
10 am-12 pm

Come out and join the TPD detectives in the Street Crimes Interdiction Unit. SCIU investigates hate and bias crimes. On October 19th the squad will be having a Hate Crimes Presentation. They will review local laws and how they handle these crimes.
Once the presentation is over the detectives will open the floor to the audience and answer questions or concerns about these issues in the community.
This is the first of what will become a series of different presentations on hate and bias presented throughout the city. This event is open to anyone in the community who is interested. Attendance for this presentation requires registration at the following link:
FYI: There will not be discussion of any current or ongoing cases.
#WeAreAmphiCoalition Neighborhood Events
Come to Literacy Connects at 200 E Yavapai for any or all of the events planned on Saturday, October 26th. Join your neighbors in a neighborhood cleanup that will begin at 8 am. This will be followed by a Resource Fair at 10:30 am, and then at 5 you can head over to Amphi Neighborhood Park at 510 E Navajo Rd for the Amphi Neighborhood Spooktacular.

PACC Vaccination and Microchip Clinic
October 26th
8:30 am
Donna Liggins Center
2160 N 6th Ave

Thrive in the 05 Fall Fest & Resource Fair
November 2nd
10 am-1 pm
Nash Elementary School
515 W Kelso St
Are you looking for an opportunity to volunteer for THRIVE in the 05? Want to gain or practice your research skills? Join the THRIVE team in an effort to survey households in the THRIVE in the 05 community!
The first surveyor training will be held tomorrow
October 18th 1
1-3 pm
ASU School of Social Work
340 N. Commerce Park Loop
Tortolita Building - Room 220, 2nd floor
Future trainings will be held.
Contact us for more information at or (520) 884-5507 ext. 20609.
Must be 18 or older to survey; bilingual volunteers are especially needed.
Sugar Hill Block Party 2
November 9th
4-7 pm
Mansfield Park
2000N 4th Ave
Haunted Ruins Rising – A Retro Experience at Valley of the Moon
Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday through the end of October
Valley of the Moon
2544 East Allen Street
Tours start every 20 minutes.
Fridays: 6:00 pm, last tour begins 8:20pm
Saturdays & Sundays: 5:00 pm, last tour begins at 8:20pm
Adults: $10.00
Students: $5.00
Members& Children 7 and under: Free
Wednesday, October 30th the Directors Cut will be performed and there will be a special, behind the stage show and tour. Admission: $20.00
This production is presented by an all-volunteer cast and crew of Valley of the Moon. A band of mortal pilgrims will embark on an adventure tour throughout the Haunted Ruins. Join them as they search for the Golden Key to Happiness and learn the value of kindness. Includes access to an area formerly closed to the public for decades.
For more information go to
City Wide Events
8th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour
October 19th
10 am-3:00 pm
Watershed Management Group
Start at WMG! 1137 N Dodge Blvd
And various locations around Tucson

Get inspired to create your own eco-paradise & glean ideas on how to construct your personal sustainable oasis!
Explore beautiful, well-designed properties that harvest water, solar energy, grow food & create wildlife habitat during our 8th Annual Homescape Harvest Tour - presented in collaboration with the Sierra Club! The tour includes residential and school sites that have rain gardens, cisterns, passive and active solar systems, greywater systems, composting toilets, shady oases, lush food gardens, wildlife habitat, and much more. 
There are 15 sites across Tucson to explore. There are 10 central locations, one in Oro Valley, two on the West Side and two on the East Side. The tour program with descriptions of the sites and their locations will be available at the Living Lab on Saturday, October 19th starting at 9:30 am. While we will have digital versions of the program (upon request), we hope you plan to join us at WMG’s Living Lab to enjoy fresh coffee from Ren Coffeehouse, get a tour, and interact with Tucson Water and Sierra Club - two great sponsors of the Homescape Harvest Tour. Our Living Lab tours showcase everything WMG is doing to harvest rainwater, greywater, and solar energy to create an urban desert oasis! Tours are at 9:45 am, 10:30 am, 11:15 am, 12 pm, 12:30 pm, 1:15 pm, 2 pm. 
On a bike? We have BICAS joining us to lead a special bike tour, starting from the Living Lab at 10:30 a.m.
Tickets are $15, children under 16 are free. Proceeds directly benefit WMG's Green Living Co-op program. Register today!
Scholarships are available, email Catalina Ross Watson for details.
Boo Bash at Lincoln Park
October 19th
4-7 pm
Lincoln Park soccer fields
4325 S Pantano Rd
Parking available at William M. Clements Center, 8155 E Poinciana Drive, and Pima Community College – East Campus

Tucson Parks and Recreation and Pima Community College East Campus present Boo Bash at Lincoln Park, a fun-filled night of tricks and treats. Come enjoy carnival games, trunk-or-treat, a costume parade and more. The costume parade will begin at 6:30 pm.
This event is free and open to the public.  
For more information, visit the event Facebook page Boo Bash
Fall 2019 Plant and Seed Exchange
October 20th
4-6 pm
Rincon Heights Community Garden
1053 E 8th St

TRRG Plan Update Meeting
October 26th
10 - 11:30 am
Sentinel Building, First Floor
N. Commerce Park Loop off of N. Bonita
Rebecca Roupp will present on updating neighborhood and area plans.
8th Annual Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival
October 26th
11 am-4 pm
Armory Park
221 S 6th
Celebrate Tucson’s sustainable community at this free, family-friendly event, showcasing organizations and companies building a resilient future in our beautiful desert Southwest.
Attendees can plan on finding ways to get involved personally and to share ideas and experiences. There’ll be information-packed short talks on key resilience topics, and lots of opportunities to learn about sustainable practices that you can put into action in your own home and the community. Topics will include gardening, composting, water harvesting, recycling, solar for the home, localizing our economy, living in harmony with urban wildlife and much more.
For more information, visit the Festival website, and on Facebook at Envision Tucson Sustainable Festival for up-to-date details.
Looking for more volunteers.  Especially looking for early birds, for before the Festival opens, to help with set-up and help exhibitors get set up. You can sign up on the website here, or to sign up, get more information or with questions, contact Paula at
Tucson Firefighters Chili Cook Off
October 26th
10 am-8 pm
Reid Park Bandshell
900 S. Randolph Way
This event is open to the public, it is a free event with food and beverage for purchase. There will be live music all day, a kidzone with sponsors handing out candy to trick or treaters, kids and adult costume contests with amazing prizes, plenty of fun all day as well as 24 themed chili booths build and run by the regions firefighters. It is all kicked off with a super-hero themed fun run for the Greater Purpose Project.
El Grupo Fall Fondo
October 27th

Register today for the Fall Fondo and empower youth through bicycling.
You can also make a difference today by designating your Arizona Charitable Tax Credit to El Grupo
to support Fall programming.
For more information go to the El Grupo website.
Did You Know...?
Tucson Water Scavenger Continues through Halloween
Tucson Water is holding a scavenger hunt and offering three $50 Visa Gift Cards or a set of limited-edition, water-themed vinyl stickers created by a local artist as prizes. Use your smartphone to find the items in the hunt, which include Tucson Tap Water, Pete the Beak, Rainwater Harvesting, Kino Environmental Restoration Project, Santa Cruz River Heritage Project, Splash Pads, and Sweetwater Wetlands. Take a picture and post it to Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #520H2O. You do not need to be a Tucson Water customer to participate. Submitting a photo grants Tucson Water permission to share, repost, or retweet. The water scavenger hunt ends Nov. 1. Visit the website linked below for complete rules and guidelines.
Water Scavenger Hunt:
Tucson Police Department Halloween Costume Drive
Please donate gently used Halloween costumes by October 25th
Drop off is at Operations Division West
1310 W Miracle Mile
United Way Volunteer Opportunity
Every year, United Way of Tucson recruits and trains volunteers to help local families prepare their taxes for free. For many clients served through United Way's Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program (VITA), their tax refund is the biggest check they'll receive all year or a financial lifeline that helps them stretch their monthly budgets a bit further. United Way of Tucson is looking for volunteers to join their team this season.
There are three ways to get started:
•Sign up to attend an upcoming (Oct-Dec) orientation at
•Email United Way's volunteer manager at
•Call United Way at 520-903-9000 and tell the operator you want to learn more about volunteering with VITA
VITA volunteers serve in a variety of ways:
•Tax preparer
•Spanish Interpreter
•Greeter/Document Screener
•Intake Specialist
No previous tax preparation experience necessary. United Way trains all volunteers and staff is available throughout the season to help you along the way.
Last year, United Way's team of VITA volunteers served more than 3,000 households and brought more than $3.5 million in refunds to our community. You can make a difference by volunteering today.
Council Member Paul Durham is on Social Media!
Ward 3 has Facebook and Twitter pages so you can keep up with our Council Member and stay in touch with what's happening in Tucson and around the Ward.
Follow us on Twitter: @CMPaul_Durham
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