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Friday, October 2, 2020
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Ward 3 News and Updates
This week we have some good information but before going there we would like to remind our Ward 3 neighbors that October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. According to the federal Department of Justice, 1.3 million women and 835,000 men are victims of physical violence by a partner every year. We urge everyone to be safe but if you or someone whom you know is experiencing domestic violence, please seek safety and shelter for yourself, and urge others to do the same. Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse provides domestic abuse crisis intervention and housing, prevention and education, and support and advocacy services to anyone experiencing domestic abuse. 
In today’s newsletter we have an interview with Captain Michelle Pickrom, who on last Sunday became the new commander of the Midtown Division, a part of which covers Ward 3. For our residents who enjoy exploring stats and data, we will introduce you to two new interactive sites full of information on policing and crime, and the status of our local housing and rental situation. And we have two community reports from the Tucson Fire Department and the Iskashitaa Refugee Network located in Ward 3. 
Lastly but so important, Oct. 5 is the last day to register to vote for the Nov. 3 general election. If you haven’t done so, please register and vote. View the video down below with Council Aide Matt Kopec talking about this critical topic. 
Volunteers gathered Wednesday at the Iskashitaa house at 1406 E. Grant Rd. to create art in the outdoor open space.
Art plays a fundamental role in the health and prospects for communities, said Barbara Eiswerth, director of the refugee support group located in Jefferson Park.
Members of the organization dropped by to create chalk images on the wall or to engage in drawing sketches, all in support of creating bonds among people from various places around the globe.
Ibrahim Abaker, left, and Zawadi put their artistic touch on wall at Iskashitaa.
Eiswerth said the morning project highlights assets and stories of the refugee community, not as refugees, but as Tucson community members who created the images to reflect their lives, families and dreams.
The organization is known for its city-wide efforts to glean the fruit from the many citrus trees in Tucson. The fruit is distributed to refugee families, as well as to food banks and shelters. Iskashitaa, principally, advocates for Tucson’s refugee communities, many of whom come from various African and Asian countries. The organization helps refugees, most of whom escaped war, famine and violence, to gain a foothold in Tucson.
As part of its art program and food sustenance program, Iskashitaa volunteers work at a community garden on East Mabel near the UA’s Banner Hospital.
Cassi Bellino, a volunteer, strings up the Iskashitaa sign.
Support for the art project was provided by Arizona Serve, Emily Maderness' ESL students, Continental Palms and local artists.
Ward 3 Welcomes Captain Pickrom to Operations Division Midtown
If you had asked Tucson Police Captain Michelle Pickrom some years ago if she had foreseen the day that she would step up a rank from lieutenant, she would have flatly told you no. In fact, she even didn’t see herself as a police officer.
But 23 years after entering the force, Capt. Pickrom, as of last Sunday, is the new commander of Operations Division Midtown, which includes the portion of Ward 3 east of Campbell Avenue. And as the newest captain on the force, Michelle Pickrom, a mother of two young adult children, becomes the highest-ranking Black officer with TPD.
Captain Pickrom is not new to ODM. She previously worked in Midtown when she was a sergeant and started her police career in the division when she was a Community Service Officer, a job that was spurred on by a CSO instructor she had while studying at Pima Community College.
Regular readers of this Ward 3 newsletter will remember Captain Pickrom. In late March, at the onset of the pandemic, Michelle, who then was a lieutenant, was honored with the Community Impact Award from Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist Church in the Sugar Hill neighborhood.
Pastor Marvin L. Hugley Sr. of Mt. Calvary Missionary Baptist presented Lt. Michelle Pickrom and Debi Chess with the Community Impact Awards.
For the captain, it’s all about reaching goals and community — together.
“It’s not about me. It’s about how we get this done,” she said during a virtual get-to-know meeting with several Ward 3 staff members, including Chief of Staff Sarah Launius and Council Aide Matt Kopec who works with Ward 3 neighborhoods in Midtown.
And getting “this done” will only be achieved by working with residents, she emphasized. With collaboration with Midtown residents, businesses, schools, organizations, city departments, “we get a bigger picture” and are able “solve problems,” she added.
One source of collaboration already exists and has achieved success. The Country Club/Ft. Lowell safety group, which was created a year ago, is a coalition of neighbors and businesses surrounding the intersection that meets with TPD Midtown officers to discuss safety concerns.
Captain Pickrom has no immediate plans to reorganize or redeploy officers in the division. One immediate concern is to ensure the officers’ well-being. She said “it’s been a long, hard summer for the officers here” because of the challenges and changes brought on by the pandemic.
She is proud how the Midtown officers and staff pivoted and adapted during the pandemic. The Midtown Division counts two lieutenants, 12 sergeants, 129 patrol officers and 12 CSO’s who are non-sworn but handle most nonviolent calls.
“Right now we’re focused on moving ahead with this mission with the current personnel,” she said.
The captain brings a wide range of experience. In addition to previous assignments in midtown, she worked in Division West, she served as a public information officer, was assigned to the Mental Health Support Team and most recently worked in Chief Chris Magnus’ office.
Tucson Police Department Dashboard
In other TPD related news, the department has released an in-depth collection of information that will be of great interest to Ward 3 residents and the rest of Tucson. It is called the Tucson Police Data and Analysis.
It is a “dashboard,” which can be found online. Users can dive into the dashboard to view various topics: use of force, police activity, reported crimes, arrests, traffic collisions, and traffic enforcement. Gathering the information and assembling it has taken more than a year, said Jacob Cramer, the analysis administrator for TPD.
Users can see information broken down by years and months, by wards and by police divisions (west, south, east and midtown.) Information, from 2018 to the present date, is also broken down by types of crimes reported to police. The data also includes arrests and 911 calls.
For example, in the reported crimes, category, users can view the breakdown of various crimes and the time of days when crimes are reported. A viewer can drill down further, for example in the larceny category, to view the different kinds of larceny. TPD has an array of subcategories for the various individual crimes.
The information has been made available for residents to better understand police activity, Jacob said.
Presently two of the six topics, or tiles as Jacob calls them, contain information: reported crimes and use of force. By mid-October a third topic will be added and by the end of the year all six will have information for users to explore and mine.
The information will not be static. Every day the tiles for reported crimes and police activity will be updated, Jacob said.
The effort to create the data bank has been intensive, involving a team of six. But once the tiles are populated with the information, new information will be added automatically. Additionally, other tiles are likely to be added.
“We want the dashboard to evolve with additional information and it will depend on questions from the community,” he said.
Tucson’s Housing Market Study
Here’s another dashboard filled with interesting and important facts and analysis. This one is called Housing Market Study Overview, a project of Making Action Possible for Southern Arizona. It is sponsored by the City of Tucson, Pima County, and the University of Arizona’s Economic and Business Research Center.
The collection of data will give researchers, policy makers, students and just about anyone who is interested in our regional economy and housing issues a strong view of what is happening and where we are headed. The overview provides interactive maps that users can use to examine the array of information broken down by wards and other boundaries.
The study is broken into three sections, or phases as the authors call them. The study looks at the neighborhoods within the Tucson/Pima County region, which is called the Tucson MSA.
The first is called the Neighborhood Vulnerability Index. This identifies “vulnerable” neighborhoods, those under various levels of social stress. This index will be used to show where the need is greatest and help create strategies to focus public and private resources, government policies and programs to address the needs of the region’s neighborhoods.
For example, the study shows that more than 33 percent of Tucson’s households are experiencing a “housing cost burden.” That means housing costs for home owners and renters are more than 30 percent, a level considered a financial burden to families. And among the 33 percent, the housing burden is significantly higher for renters who account for nearly 62 percent in this category, compared with 22.4 percent of home owners. This mirrors state and national statistics. Families who struggle to pay high housing costs, are equally burdened with paying for other basic costs: childcare, healthcare, transportation and food.
The second phase is called the Housing Market Assessment. This section provides an analysis of current data for rental and owner-occupied housing and forecasts trends over time to better understand the housing market. The third phase, which is not complete, is the Gap Analysis. This will provide a better understanding of the gaps in the housing market and help the Mayor and Council to coordinate investments to address those gaps.
Fire Prevention
Next week, Oct. 4-10, is Fire Prevention Week and the Tucson Fire Department has scheduled two smoke alarm installation events for Ward 3 residents at two mobile home parks on North Flowing Wells and West Prince roads.
Fire department personnel will go door-to-door to offer residents fire alarms and TFD personnel will install the alarms if the residents can not do the work themselves. In addition to the fire alarms, TFD personnel will offer residents information on where to access social services.
Assistant Fire Chief Mike Carsten knocks on a door to deliver fire alarms to a Flowing Wells resident Friday morning.
Today, Friday, TPD Chief Chuck Ryan and Assistant Chief Mike Carsten joined fire personnel at a mobile home park on North Romero Road to kick off Fire Prevention Week. They delivered at least 100 alarms.
Chief Ryan said that the alarm distribution is part of a wider fire education effort that the department engages in with city residents to educate residents on fire prevention. Fire alarms are critical to saving lives in the event of a fire. The department has been proactive with property owners and neighborhoods, Assistant Chief Carsten added.
Days before Friday’s visit, Mari Vasquez and Cecilia Mendoza from TFD’s Public Education and Community Safety unit visited the park to inform the residents that the alarm distribution.
Sparky the Fire Dog and Ward 3 Council Aide Ernesto Portillo bring cheer to residents.
Monday, October 5 is the last day to register to vote for the 2020 election. We encourage everyone to make sure they are registered to participate in the election. The website also has important information on voting by mail and voting early in person.
Ward 3 Council Aide Matt Kopec was a recent guest on the Thrive in the 05’s Resource Café to discuss registering for this upcoming election. You can view that episode here.
Below you will find the election calendar provided by the County Recorder’s Office.
Pet of the Week
According to the staff and volunteers at Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Roscoe is a big guy and a very sweet gentleman. His previous owner was not able to take him where they moved. He was kind and gentle with visiting children. He did great with dogs at daycare and is reported to be housetrained. Please call adoptions to get more information and make an appointment to meet him. Go to the website for hours, location and contact information.
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Alvernon/Grant Initiative
October 13
6 pm
For login information send an email to
Send your request by Tues. OCT 13, at noon.
Crime Meeting with Tucson Police,  neighborhoods and businesses surrounding the intersection at Grant and Alvernon        
Barrio Blue Moon
October 4
2-3 pm
Sugar Hill
October 7
6-7 pm
Friends of Marty Birdman
October 7
6-6:30 pm
Flowing Wells
October 15
For login information email
Ward 3 Events
St. Luke's Home Silver Chef Culinary Competition 
October 3
12:30-2:30 pm
This competition is sure to captivate our virtual friends and the palates of our 8 esteemed judges. Join St. Luke’s for a fun filled interactive afternoon.
Watch elite chefs compete for the coveted title of Silver Chef to win the $2,500 prize, trophy and bragging rights. Vote for your favorite chef for the People’s Choice Best Presentation Award. Take a chance at winning your pick at a Raffle Drawing. Enjoy the heartwarming stories and presentation. Get the link for your favorite recipe. For more information you can go to the St. Luke's website.
100% of the event proceeds will support the Elders of St. Luke’s home.
Fall Drive-In Radio Plays
Starting this October, Live Theatre Workshop’s Children’s Theatre and Mainstage Theatre are back in a new and exciting way! They will be entertaining the community with their same great productions presented as drive up radio shows. Enjoy these outdoor performances from the comfort of your own car. Tune into the LTW radio station to hear the story, music, and classic radio foley sound effects as talented artists perform them live on new outdoor stages. The Children’s Theatre shows are perfect for the young and young at heart.
Enjoy these outdoor performances from the comfort of your own car. Tune into the LTW radio station to hear the story, music, and classic radio foley sound effect. You can also bring your mask and lawn chairs and sit outside of your car or in the tailgate.
General admission per car: $25
General Admission plus snack bundle 1: $35
General Admission plus snack bundle 2: $40
Live Theater Workshop has more information and you can buy tickets on their website.
Free Mobile Mask Distribution at Donna Liggins Center
October 7
5-7 pm
Donna Liggins Center
2160 N 6th Ave
The City of Tucson continues to host mobile mask giveaway events thanks to the Mayor and Tucson City Council. The City has given away 70,000 washable face coverings to members of the community since July. 
Wearing a face covering is one of the best ways, along with proper hand-washing and practicing social/physical distancing, to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. The Mayor and Tucson Council is committed to keeping our community safe and has thousands more washable ear loop cloth masks to help those who have not been able to get them. Adult and child sizes will be available, and the child size has adjustable ear loops that can easily fit a small adult. 
Masks will be provided throughout the event or until they have all been distributed. The event will be set up as a drive-thru, where community members can drive up to the site, advise how many masks they need, and the masks will be passed out. Bike-up and walk-up requests are also welcome.
American Red Cross Blood Drive
October 6
10 am-4 pm
Woods Memorial Library
3455 N 1st Ave
Division Advisory Meeting (DAC)
October 14
6-7 pm
West Side Division will host its second virtual Division Advisory Committee (DAC) meeting Monday, October 5. You are invited to meet your TPD West Side Command Staff as they discuss new developments, initiatives, operation plans and crime trends.  This is also your time to ask questions, express your concerns and share your ideas. 
Humane Society of Southern Arizona Puttin’ On The Dog Tail-A-Thon
Saturday, October 10
CW 58 – 7 am-8 am
FOX 11 – 11 am-12 pm
CW 58 - 4:30 pm-5:30 pm
Sunday, October 11
KGUN 9 - 3 pm-4 pm
FOX 11 - 5PM - 6PM
For more information about this unique, televised event go to the Humane Society’s website.
Shred It
October 17
8 am-10 am
Jacob’s Park
3300 N Fairview Ave
City Wide Events
Cesar Chavez Motor March and Drive In Theater Sponsored By Chicanos Por La Causa Action Fund
October 3
Begins at 6 pm Wakefield Middle School 101 W 44th St
Ends at Drive In 198 S Granada Ave
Movie begins at 7:45
This is a fundraiser for the Cesar Chavez Holiday Coalition.
Sunshine Mile Neighborhood Meeting
October 5
6 pm
The virtual neighborhood meeting regarding the Sunshine Mile Overlay District previously advertised for September 29 has been rescheduled to Monday, October 5 at 6 p.m. after it was brought to our attention that the first presidential debate would be held the same evening. At the meeting on October 5, the project team will present an update on how public comments on earlier drafts of the overlay document have been addressed.
Follow this link for instructions on how to log in to the virtual meeting. 
TEP livestream event for the Kino to DeMoss-Petrie Transmission Line Project
October 6
6-8 pm
At the virtual open house meeting TEP presented 18 alternative route combinations and asked the public for feedback. Since then a thorough analysis of 12 criteria including residential use, historic property impacts, and visual impacts, as well as public and Community Working Group comments. At the October 6 meeting, we'll present a list of six transmission line route alternatives that remain under consideration.
The public is encouraged to participate in the live stream meeting, or watch the recorded meeting at their convenience.
Tucson Great Decisions Association Presentation
October 23
9:30 am
The speaker will be Sharon Megdal on “Wicked Water Problems: Scarcity, Sharing and Sustanability,” covering issues worldwide as well as local. Registration is required in Advance at $10 per person. Register online at here.
Did You Know?
Census Deadline is This Monday, October 5, 2020
With the October 5 census completion deadline looming, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero is reminding Tucsonans of the importance of being counted, saying each response could provide up to $30,000 in funding for community resources.
Census takers are knocking on doors of homes from which they've received no response. Workers will have official identification, wear masks, and follow local public health guidelines when they visit. Follow the links below for more information.
TUGO Bike Share Offers Free Rides Every Thursday in October
The City of Tucson Department of Transportation and Mobility (DTM), in partnership with the Tugo Bike Share operating company (Shift Transit), just announced Free Ride Thursdays during the month of October, thanks to program sponsor El Rio Health. The free pass gives users access to unlimited 30-minute station-to-station trips for 24 consecutive hours. In an effort to prioritize health and safety, Tugo Bike Share has ramped up its cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as bikes are regularly in use and exposed to the environment, Tugo says the best way to prevent possible infection is to clean your bike before use.
Council Member Paul Durham is on Social Media!
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