Paul's Note: Friday, September 13th, 2019

Paul’s Note
Friday, September 13th, 2019
Paul’s Note
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Paul’s Note
Steps to Success
Last Friday, I had the distinct privilege of participating in Mayor Rothschild’s last Steps to Success walk with TUSD. I’ve participated the last two years and it’s one of the most impactful events I attend.
Steps to Success started in 2014 as a partnership between TUSD and the Mayor’s Office. The Mayor, the Superintendent of TUSD, community leaders and volunteers (the U of A basketball players get the kids’ attention more than their Council Member) personally visit the homes of students who have dropped out and ask them how we can help them get back into school.

TUSD Superintendent Gabe Trujillo and Mayor Jonathan Rothschild pose with a student who said he will be returning to classes Monday.
TUSD has a number of programs to help teens in extraordinary circumstances, including working with high school students who are parents or are employed to find childcare or a more suitable school schedule. The volunteers take a moment to talk to a student, let them know we want them back in school and help them graduate, possibly by connecting them with one of these programs.
In 2019, it’s imperative that we don’t leave any students behind when it comes to graduating high school. Since its inception, 103 students reached during Steps to Success have successfully graduated high school. That’s 103 lives changed thanks to Mayor Rothschild and former TUSD Superintendent H.T. Sanchez’s leadership. I’m thrilled to be a very small part of a wonderful Tucson event.
Manufactured Housing Promise and Perils
As many of you know, my staff and I have been involved in finding solutions to better support the households in Tucson/Pima County who live in manufactured housing and mobile homes. You may know that 10% of region’s housing is comprised of manufactured/mobile homes. You may also know that there exists a broad spectrum in terms of quality when we look at mobile home parks in the region.
Sarah Launius, Ward 3 Council Aide, and our partners at the UA are working to better understand what leads some parks to cause more insecurity for residents while others foster community resiliency. This is particularly a concern given that manufactured/mobile homes are a significant portion of the affordable housing stock and, as this research has uncovered, these residents tend to have even a higher cost burden when you compare cost of housing to average income, as demonstrated in the webinar slide shown below.
The first phase of the research has been released and I invite you learn more about it by viewing the webinar here: or by reading the Eller School's MAP White Paper on the topic here. I’m thankful to the many folks in Tucson working to find solutions to the local housing crisis, and this is an often overlooked component.
Tumamoc Hill
My staff had the pleasure of joining with regional elected officials and education leaders for a visit to the Desert Laboratory on Tumamoc Hill hosted by our partners at the UA. I want to thank the Desert Laboratory Director, Ben Wilder, for making the work at Tumamoc accessible to the public while preserving the significant historic and cultural assets at the site. Whether you know Tumamoc because of the beautiful Luminous Mother Shrine or because you walk it daily, this site continues to bring people throughout the valley together.

Suzanne Fish who, along with her husband Paul, has studied the archeology of Tumamoc for decades, orients visitors to the central community room dating back to approximately 200-400 B.C.
Tumamoc is a National Historic Landmark. While people have lived along the base of Tumamoc for over 4,000 years, the first village was established at the top 2,500 years ago with a second, larger community following around 1,500 years ago.

Fossilized bones in the Paleontology Museum at Tumamoc Hill.
With support from the Carnegie Institute, the Desert Botanical Laboratory was created 116 years ago to study the desert ecosystem. The research agenda at the lab continues to evolve with the incorporation of new technologies. For instance, the lab is digitizing over a century worth of desert vegetation imaging as well as utilizing fossilized packrat middens to extract ancient DNA to learn about the history of arid lands in North America.
Tumamoc Hill is incredibly important for our understanding of the past and how that past may provide insights to our changing, heating climate. I want to thank Director Wilder for his efforts to update the Desert Lab and the inroads he and his staff have made working with the public to protect the cultural and educational importance of the site. You can learn more about Tumamoc here.
Second Chance Forum
On August 29th, I had the pleasure of attending a Second Chance Forum moderated by Mayor Rothschild. Second chance employment is the intentional practice of employing people who have a prior conviction. This was a great opportunity for the public to learn more about re-entry and the benefits of hiring people from this population. The event was coordinated by Second Chance Tucson.
Second Chance Tucson’s focus is reducing recidivism and increasing community awareness about reentry, with an emphasis on employment. At the forum we heard from formally incarcerated employees and from their respective employers about what employment has meant for them post release. We also heard from many of the service providers that help with reentry after an individual debt to society has been paid.
The keynote speaker was Genevieve Martin from Portland of Dave's Killer Bread Foundation who has been working on this issue nationally. Dave himself is also formally incarcerated. Genevieve shared with us success stories from all over the country of employers that found excellent workers who were previously incarcerated.
When an incarcerated person finds meaningful employment post-release, it’s a win for our community. Connecting people who have paid their debt to society with financial opportunity helps keep them integrated in the community and reduces the likelihood of reoffending.
I would like to thank the Mayor for leading on this issue: he held the first reentry forum in 2014 and lead the way having the City ‘Ban the Box’ on applications for City jobs. ‘Ban the Box’ removes the check box that asks if applicants have a criminal record from initial hiring applications.
9/11 Remembrance
Finally, I hope you took a moment to reflect Wednesday on the 18th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. The 911 Tower Challenge hosted events in Tucson, Phoenix and Flagstaff to commemorate the event. In Tucson, Participants climbed 2071 steps representing the 110 floors of the Twin Towers at the UA Football Stadium. Many first responders did the whole thing in uniform, just as so many who perished that day did. Proceeds from the all-volunteer event will be donated to a number of charities that serve law enforcement, first responders and military families.

The Star’s photographer did an incredible job of capturing the event. I encourage you to look through the photos.
-Paul D.
Pet of the Week

Meet Radar, a white and brown Queensland Heeler mix that is currently available for adoption at PACC. He is around 5 years old and weighs in at 25 pounds. Radar is currently staying with a foster family but would really like a person who will bring him to his forever home.
Read what Radar’s temporary fosters wrote about him:
Radar is housebroken and x-pen trained, and has never marked in our house. He sleeps through the night. He is easy to walk on a loose leash. He gets along well with my laid back 8 year old, slightly larger female/spayed dog. As we do with all our fosters, we introduced the dogs slowly so they could get used to each other. They can now be loose in the house together without supervision, including with toys lying around. We do separate them for feeding, as we do with all our foster dogs. Radar absolutely loves people, and will walk up to strangers on our walks hoping to be petted. He can walk 2 miles, and loves to hunt lizards and chase bunnies in our backyard. (Thankfully, he has never caught any). He adores sitting in my and my husband's laps, and will stay there as long as you let him. He is easy to pick up and will allow handling all over. He is getting supplemental fluids twice a day, and sits patiently while we administer them. My husband gives him chicken when I insert the needle, then we both pet Radar and talk to him while the fluid is going in. Once it's over, we reward him with a bowl of food. He takes food very gently with a soft mouth. He has not damaged anything in our house or yard. He will paw the ground once or twice to investigate an interesting smell occasionally, but does not dig things up. He has never tried to jump our fence. He is quiet most of the time, but does bark occasionally. He has jumped into my chair a couple of times, but does not object when I have him get down. Radar rides well in our car wearing a car "seat belt" harness. He has never growled at us or tried to bite us.
Radar takes several medications. His long term foster said PACC staff indicated that Radar does not like people trying to open his mouth to give him pills, and instructed her not to give his medications that way. Instead, we put his powdered meds mixed in with chicken, rice and broth on top of his k/d kibble. For the other pills, we roll them up in a small piece of thin sliced meat from the deli, followed by a "chaser" of meat with no pill in it. Or, we take a chunk of chicken, cut a hole in the middle to put the pill in, and then give this followed by a "chaser" of another piece of chicken with no medication in it.
To find out more about Radar and to schedule a meet and greet, email!
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Keeling Desert Park Cleanup
September 14th
8-10 am
Keeling Desert Park
245 E Glenn St
September 17th
6:30-8 pm
Salpointe High School
1545 E Copper St
Mountain View
September 19th
6-7 pm
Habitat Tucson
3501 N Mountain Ave
Flowing Wells
September 19th
6-8 pm
Ellie Towne Center
1660 W Ruthrauff Rd
Ward 3 Events
Participate in the Water Scavenger Hunt

Tucson Water is holding a scavenger hunt and offering three $50 Visa Gift Cards or a set of limited-edition, water-themed vinyl stickers created by a local artist as prizes. Use a smartphone to find the items in the hunt (Tucson Tap Water, Pete the Beak, Rainwater Harvesting, Kino Environmental Restoration Project, Santa Cruz River Heritage Project, Splash Pads, Sweetwater Wetlands, and surprise bonus rounds), take a picture, and post it with the hashtag #520H2O. You do not need to be a Tucson Water customer to participate. Submitting a photo grants Tucson Water permission to share, repost, or retweet. Visit the website below for complete rules and guidelines.
The Ward 3 office is one of the Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Sites on the hunt!
Water Scavenger Hunt:
Free Nutrition and Gardening Workshop
September 17th
5:30-7 pm
Literacy Connects
200 E Yavapai Rd
Dinner will be provided and child care will be available. Enter the raffle while you’re there.

Amphi Story Circle
September 28th
10 am-2 pm
Literacy Connects
200 E Yavapai Rd
Free lunch and childcare available.

Free Shred-It Event for Beacon Group
September 28th
8 am-11 am
308 W Glenn Street. Tucson
Donations to Beacon Group are encouraged.
Beacon Secure is part of the Beacon Group where opportunities are provided for people living with disabilities. This means that many Beacon Secure employees are living with a disability, so when businesses use Beacon Secure they help give employment opportunities the disability community. Beacon Secure provides confidential document destruction in southern Arizona. Your confidential papers are shredded then recycled.
  • This event is a drive-thru service
  • You might be required to exit your vehicle and hand boxes to Beacon Secure staff
  • Your documents will be placed in locked containers to be shredded on site in the warehouse at a later time
  • If you wish, you may leave your containers (i.e. cardboard boxes, bin, etc).  If you would like them to be returned to you, you need to let Beacon Secure staff know beforehand
  • If you bring your documents in plastic bags, please leave them untied so they can be accessed more quickly
  • Please limit the number of boxes to 5, so that everyone may have a chance to participate
City Wide Events
Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona HungerWalk 2019
September 14th
Kino sports Complex
2500 E Ajo Way

Raise awareness of the issue of hunger in our community, and take action toward a vision of a healthy hunger free future for southern Arizona.
*New* this year, CFBSA will be hosting the largest food bag packing, where every walker will get a chance to pack one food bag as they walk through the warehouse. They need a lot of walkers to do that. Will you walk and help pack 1,200 food bags on Saturday, September 14th? If you are interested, you can register for the HungerWalk at It’s a great way to share the Food Bank with friends and family and help raise funds for the cause.
Electric and Autonomous Vehicles Expo
September 19th
10 am-2 pm
Jacome Plaza
101 N Stone Ave

In celebration of National Drive Electric Week, the Tucson Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA) and Green Living Magazine are presenting an Expo of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Panel discussions on EVs and Autonomous Vehicles now and in the future.
TEVA members will be with their vehicles on Jacome Plaza from 9am to 2pm to answer any questions.
Inside the Joel Valdez Library, three panels will take place beginning around 10am. More info at:
Iskashitaa/Café 54 Sudanese Luncheon
September 15th
11 am to 12:30 pm
1 pm-3 pm
Café 54
54 W Pennington St
Iskashitaa Refugee Network and Café 54 are coming together to provide an authentic Sudanese dining experience lead by Hawa Adams.
Second Chance Tucson Job & Resource Fair
September 19th
1-4 pm
Tucson Convention Center
260 S Church Ave

Did You Know...?
Biweekly Recycling Collection Starts September 30th
The City of Tucson’s Environmental & General Services Department (EGSD) will change residential recycling collection from every week to every other week beginning the week of September 30th. The day of the week for a customer's recycling collection will not change. A bill insert with a map and schedule is included with September utility services statements. Each resident will also receive a direct mail piece listing their collection schedule and map. To view an interactive map that will provide a wide range of information including your recycle day along with what can be recycled you can click this link:
For questions, call (520) 791-3171 or email
Anza Park Survey
Give the City your input as they make plans  there is an online survey available through September 21st at where you can tell the City about what you see for the future of Anza Park as plans are made for improvements.
Council Member Paul Durham is on Social Media!
Ward 3 has Facebook and Twitter pages so you can keep up with our Council Member and stay in touch with what's happening in Tucson and around the Ward.
Follow us on Twitter: @CMPaul_Durham
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