Paul's Note: Friday, September 20th, 2019

Paul’s Note
Friday, September 20th, 2019
Paul’s Note
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Paul’s Note
Technical Difficulties
Due to an issue with our email server, some of you may not have received last week’s newsletter. We’re sorry if you missed out on our Pet of the Week or our community calendar. If you’d like to read it belatedly- there is some great information about Tumamoc Hill and the Mayor’s Steps to Success Program- it’s still posted online at:
United Nations Climate Summit and Youth Climate Strike
Climate change is real and we need to act, period. Next week, the United Nations is convening a Climate Summit to discuss the global response. Across the globe, news media organizations are emphasizing climate stories to amplify the urgency of action under the hashtag #coveringclimatenow.
Every level of government must be involved to combat climate change. In the absence of national leadership, cities are doing what they can to pick up the slack. This week’s newsletter highlights several stories of work your city is doing in the face of climate change. It’s not enough- but we’ll keep fighting.
You can join the Tucson Youth Climate Strike downtown at El Presidio Park this afternoon, September 20th, from 4:30-6:30 to join a global call for action.
Energy Sustainability Revolving Fund and Climate Mitigation Plan
This week I was pleased to vote yes on two important climate mitigation efforts. The first of these involved the creation of sustainability working group made up of all relevant departments of the City. This working group will coordinate with our Commission on Climate Energy and Sustainability. One the primary work projects will be the creation of a Climate Mitigation Plan for the City of Tucson. This is an important step because the issue of sustainability is complex and can’t be confined to one department.
We have elements of this that already exist, both from previous planning efforts, our Plan Tucson as well as related plans that various departments are engaged in. Having a formal body through which to coordinate these efforts and identify broader goals will be important as we move forward.
The second item was the creation of an Energy Sustainability Revolving Fund. The name says a lot. With each effort we take as a city to conserve energy, we will earmark those energy cost savings to go back into the fund to be used on additional energy efficiencies and emissions reductions. This is a no-brainer: It requires no new fee or tax, simply principled governance. This is something that I have been advocating for and I'm very pleased that we are moving forward with the fund.
We know that as a city we must reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and these efforts can sometimes require more start-up funds than we have available even if the return on investment in the long-run is favorable. This fund will allow us greater flexibility while responding to the overwhelming request from our constituents to do our part to mitigate global warming.
The energy fund is a smart way to go and I am extraordinarily pleased to share that its start-up funds of $500,000 are coming from our cost savings from the new Solar Photovoltaic Systems that the City of Tucson is continuing to install. Those new solar installations were one of the first actions I championed soon after being elected. To see those related cost savings now providing the foundation for even more strategic renewable energy and conservation efforts is very rewarding. That said, more is needed. I'll be following the Climate Mitigation Plan process closely and will continue to advocate for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the city and moving the City of Tucson operations toward net zero.
E-Bus Demonstration
This week I was very happy to speak at the demonstration event for the City’s new electric bus program. The new e-bus program contains two parts. The first is the pilot program; the City should be receiving its first e-bus from the manufacturer GILLIG in January of 2020. I have written in many previous newsletters about how excited I am to be able to test the e-bus on as many routes as possible. The second part is, as I have mentioned in prior newsletters as well, the City received grant from the Federal Transit Administration to buy low to no emission vehicles. With the help of our congressional delegation and TEP and because of our prior relationship with GILLIG, we won the grant and were the only City in Arizona to do so. The grant will pay for about 3.7 e-buses and charging infrastructure.  I am hopeful that we will find community partners to acquire 4 new e-buses from GILLIG. We should expect these buses in January 2021.

Council Member Paul Durham addresses the crowd as Bill Fay from GILLIG, Council Member Regina Romero, Sun Tran General Manager Steve Spade, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and TEP CEO David Hutchens look on.
In Tucson, transportation is the largest emitter of greenhouses gases. For health of our region we must pursue electrification of vehicles to fight climate change and I think we need to boldly set goals.  The Los Angeles Metro Board in 2017 unanimously adopted a motion endorsing a comprehensive plan to transition the agency to a 100 percent zero emission bus fleet by 2030. The plan is contingent upon two primary factors: continuous advancements in e-bus technology – which includes an increase in range, reduction of charging times and extension of battery life cycles – as well as a drop in price as the technology develops. LA Metro is the largest American transportation agency to endorse such a goal and they just received their first e-bus in July with another 100 on the way. Antelope Valley Transit Authority, also in the Los Angeles area, plans turn their 70 bus fleet to all electric this year.
Assuming that battery bus technology evolves to meet their transit system’s needs, King County Metro in Seattle will purchase only zero-emission buses starting in 2020 with their intent to purchase 70 e-buses. Their transition to a zero-emission fleet will be completed by 2040 at the latest. San Francisco has an all e-bus fleet goal by 2035.  I believe Tucson has been and should continue to be an environmental leader.

The E-bus.
Back to the bus itself, GILLIG’s 40-foot e-bus has a battery capacity of 444 kWh and features a low-floor design. The battery electric technology produces zero emissions, promoting a cleaner, healthier environment; the e-bus also has regenerative braking. Regenerative braking is an energy recovery mechanism which slows the e-bus by converting its kinetic energy into a form which can be used recharge the battery. I will also tell you the A/C on the bus works great!
Thank you again to everyone that made it out and let’s continue to move forward.
TPD Staffing and Response Times
Finally, TPD Chief Magnus recently gave a report updating the Council on our staffing and response numbers. I know many of you have concerns about these numbers, so it’s important that we’re transparent with this information. As you can see from these tables, we’re continuing to add new officers to the force and have a robust training pipeline.

One very important number that’s gone up substantially in the last few years is our Community Service Officers (CSO’s). They’re a critical asset because they can be used to free up sworn personnel to handle critical calls- like the Priority 1 calls in the second table. For example, if there’s a car accident and the roadway needs to be cleared by TPD, it’s an important public safety concern- but it doesn’t require a sworn officer to handle.
It’s the same thing with a burglary investigation where the burglary has already taken place. Those are some of the most frustrating calls I get from constituents. Because the burglary has already occurred, TPD places those calls lower in the priority list. I understand why they do, because it keeps our Primary 1 response times lower than many other cities our size and larger, but it is still very frustrating for victims of crime to sit and wait in their homes for an officer to arrive. Community Service Officers are one of the tools my colleagues on the Council and I have to increase our staffing and ability to respond to calls. Policing is changing and officers have tough jobs but I know that TPD is continuing to move in the right direction.
Pet of the Week
September 22nd – 28th is National Dog Week. National Dog Week isn't any ordinary holiday involving a boring treat or a quick trip to the park with your dog. National Dog Week is a celebration of dogs and the important role they play in enriching people's lives.

But let’s talk about Caddie. Pima Animal Care Center staff thinks that she’s about 7 years old. Their best guess at her heritage is that she’s a Labrador Retriever mix. You may have a better time guessing. Better yet, try out the WhatDog app. You can check it out here WhatDog recognizes dogs and classifies them by their breed.
Caddie is a good girl who came in last weekend and is more than ready to head home with you this weekend. For more information about her you can email: or head over to 4000 N Silverbell Rd and see her in person. 
Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings
Flowing Wells Estates Neighborhood Watch
September 21st
4-5 pm
Old Times Kafe
1485 W Prince Rd
Campbell Grant
September 23rd
6-7:30 pm
Ward 3 Community Room
1510 E Grant Rd
September 23rd
7-8:30 pm
Cornerstone Fellowship  Church
2902 N Geronimo Ave
Grant Road Coalition
September 24th
5:30-6:30 pm
Ward 3 Community Room
1510 E Grant Rd
Central Segments Safety Coalition
September 24th
6:30-8 pm
Ward 3 Community Room
1510 E Grant Rd
Jefferson Park
September 25th
6-8 pm
Ward 3 Community Room
1510 E Grant Rd
Ward 3 Events
Treat Avenue and Third Street Bicycle Boulevard Community Input Event
September 21st
5:30-8:30 pm
La Madera Park
2700 E La Madera Dr
The City of Tucson Transportation Department is planning two bicycle and pedestrian safety improvement projects. The Third Street and Treat Bicycle Boulevard projects will use neighborhood streets to expand the citywide low-stress biking network by creating north/south and east/west routes to jobs, neighborhood destinations, schools, and parks. The Treat Avenue Bicycle Boulevard will
extend from the Rillito River to the Aviation Bikeway for a total of 6 miles, connecting to 5 parks, 3 greenways, and 6 schools. Five community input events are scheduled to present information and receive input. Saturday's event at La Madera Park in Ward 3 features free bike repair, a bike-in movie, and ice cream. These projects are part of the voter-approved Proposition 407 Tucson Delivers Parks and Connections program which helps fund improvements to parks and construction of new bicycle and pedestrian routes.

For more information, contact Ryan Fagan at or (520) 837-6699.
Third Street and Treat Bicycle Boulevard project:
Tucson Delivers Parks and Connections:
THRIVE in the 05 Public Meeting/Vecindarios Choice Reunion Publica
September 25th
6-7:30 pm
Pima Community College, Amethyst Room
1255 N Stone Ave

Acompáñenos para obtener una actualización sobre el proyecto y aprenda cómo participar para moldear el cambio y construir una comunidaden el área de Oracle.
Join us for an update on all THRIVE in the 05 projects! Pima Community College will share construction plans for the Center of Excellence in Applied Technology and host a tour of current applied technology labs at Downtown Campus.
Spanish Interpretation Provided | Interpretacion en español disponible
By Pima Community College Translation & Interpretation Studies (TRS)
Tucson Greek Festival 2019
September 26th - September 29th
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church
1145 E Fort Lowell Rd
St. Demetrios Greek Orthodox Church hosts its popular annual Tucson Greek Festival with a wider variety of foods, drink, and entertainment. The festival include wonderful Greek music groups and the award-winning Panathenian Dancers. The Greek Market offers a wide variety of pastries and breads, a selection of Greek cheeses, hummus, olives, spices, jewelry, art, clothing and other collectibles and cookbooks. 
For more information visit  
National Night Out
October 1st
5-8 pm
Balboa Park/Marty Birdman Rec Center
2526 N Castro Ave

Have a Blast and Participate in the Tucson Water Scavenger Hunt
Tucson Water is holding a scavenger hunt and offering three $50 Visa Gift Cards or a set of limited-edition, water-themed vinyl stickers created by a local artist as prizes. Use a smartphone to find the items in the hunt (Tucson Tap Water, Pete the Beak, Rainwater Harvesting, Kino Environmental Restoration Project, Santa Cruz River Heritage Project, Splash Pads, Sweetwater Wetlands, and surprise bonus rounds), take a picture, and post it with the hashtag #520H2O. You do not need to be a Tucson Water customer to participate. Submitting a photo grants Tucson Water permission to share, repost, or retweet. Visit the website below for complete rules and guidelines.
The Ward 3 office is one of the Rainwater Harvesting Demonstration Sites on the hunt!
Water Scavenger Hunt:
Amphi Story Circle
September 28th
10 am-2 pm
Literacy Connects
200 E Yavapai Rd
Free lunch and childcare available.
Free Shred-It Event for Beacon Group
September 28th
8 am-11 am
308 W Glenn Street. Tucson
Donations to Beacon Group are encouraged.
Beacon Secure is part of the Beacon Group where opportunities are provided for people living with disabilities. This means that many Beacon Secure employees are living with a disability, so when businesses use Beacon Secure they help give employment opportunities the disability community. Beacon Secure provides confidential document destruction in southern Arizona. Your confidential papers are shredded then recycled.
  • This event is a drive-thru service
  • You might be required to exit your vehicle and hand boxes to Beacon Secure staff
  • Your documents will be placed in locked containers to be shredded on site in the warehouse at a later time
  • If you wish, you may leave your containers (i.e. cardboard boxes, bin, etc).  If you would like them to be returned to you, you need to let Beacon Secure staff know beforehand
  • If you bring your documents in plastic bags, please leave them untied so they can be accessed more quickly
  • Please limit the number of boxes to 5, so that everyone may have a chance to participate
City Wide Events
Be A Volunteer at Tucson Meet Yourself
The Tucson Meet Yourself festival, Oct. 11-13, is recruiting volunteers for a variety of tasks essential to the event. Opportunities include set-up (begins Oct. 8), beverage distribution, merchandise assistant, donation collection, stage assistant, volunteer registration, and more. Volunteers may choose the shift and day preferred based on availability. An email sent to those who register will contain links to a video and handbook about the volunteer experience. Click on the links below for more information.
Volunteer registration:
Tucson Meet Yourself festival:
Did You Know...?
Countdown to Every Other Week Recycling Begins
The City of Tucson’s Environmental & General Services Department (EGSD) is a week and a half out from switching residential recycling collection to every other week. Currently residential recycling is collected every week, but starting Sept. 30, it will be collected every other week.. To view an interactive map that will provide a wide range of information including your recycle day along with what can be recycled you can click this link:

For questions, call (520) 791-3171 or email
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