Paul's Note: Thursday, March 28th, 2019

Paul’s Note
Thursday, March 28th, 2019
Paul’s Note
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Paul’s Note
Rosemont Mine
As you may have seen in recent news reports, Hudbay Minerals’ proposed open-pit Rosemont mine was issued a permit by the Army Corps of Engineers earlier this month to discharge dredged and fill material into washes surrounding the mine. Yesterday, a suit was filed challenging the process and substance of the issuance of the permit.
Many of you have followed this news story for years. The concerns raised by tribal groups, environmentalists and others over the years have not been adequately addressed. Fundamentally, this project would trade a short-term (twenty years) economic benefit to a Canadian company for an indelible scar in the Santa Rita Mountains, threatening to pollute or dry up groundwater throughout the Tucson basin and especially in the area immediately adjacent to the mine, hurting tourism and wildlife.
Tucson has opposed this project in the past and I’ve asked our attorneys to lend any help to the latest suit that we are able. I hope that the Army Corps of Engineers’ decision can be stayed before construction begins.
Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center (SALETC)
I had the opportunity to tour the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center recently. SALETC provides high-quality training for TPD recruits. The training is so excellent that many smaller law enforcement agencies around Arizona use (for a fee) our excellent training for their own departments.
The academy provides a 17-week course that covers time in the classroom, physical fitness training, firearms training, de-escalation techniques and other necessary components of 21st century law enforcement work.
SALETC uses a training simulator from VirTra, an Arizona-based company that produces real-life training scenarios that can be tailored by training instructors. TPD staff walked me through several real-life scenarios including deescalating an argument between neighbors, interacting with someone suffering from a mental health crisis and finally how to react when a traffic stop goes bad and a gun is pulled.

Council Member Durham is walked through a training scenario by SALETC staff.
Unfortunately, this isn’t a hypothetical situation. The week before my visit to SALETC, a TPD officer made a routine traffic stop in midtown. The suspect pulled a gun and fired twice at our officer. The officer exhibited tremendous skill and was able to protect himself and return fire. The suspect is now in custody and the officer is unharmed.
As with all officer involved shootings at TPD, the Office of Professional Standards is conducting an investigation into the incident and will make a report. This report will establish if TPD training protocols were adequate to confront the situation as well as whether  those protocols were followed.
While I was at the facility, I also joined an instructor for a drive through their training track. The track has recently been resurfaced with funding from Proposition 101. Thanks to the residents of Tucson for supporting our police force and passing Prop 101 in 2017.
Council Member Durham gets a ride on the SALTEC Academy Training Track, which was resurfaced with funding from Proposition 101.
César Chávez Day
The Ward 3 Council Office will be closed on Friday, March 29th in honor of César Chávez Day and will reopen on Monday, April 1st. César Chávez left a legacy as a civil rights leader in the Chicano community, an environmentalist and a labor leader and I hope you’ll join me in celebrating that legacy this weekend.
This year marks the 19th annual César Chávez March, Bike Ride and Rally in Tucson and will take place on Saturday, March 30th.

- Paul D.
With only 2 weeks left to go in the income tax filing season, United Way's VITA volunteers are still hard at work serving local taxpayers and helping them receive their full refunds at no cost. Pima County residents can have their taxes filed with the assistance of local volunteers, bringing over $2 million back in tax refunds to our community.
Because this program serves low- and moderate-income residents specifically (the average annual income of a VITA client is about $20,500), we know these dollars go right to work in our community, helping people get caught up on bills, patronize local businesses and even see their dentists and doctors if they've been waiting due to inability to pay. If you know a VITA volunteer, tell them thank you!
Pet of the Week

Say “Hi” to Pebbles. This girl is a one of a kind Pit Bull Terrier and Dalmatian mix. She will definitely stand out in a crowd with those gorgeous spots and that drop dead grin. Pebbles is 10 years old and, because she has been at Pima Animal Care Center since February 6th, her adoption fees are waived. Yes, that’s right, 47 pounds of solid, spotty love for just the cost of her registration. Canine love is priceless, let Pebbles show you.  
Ward 3 Events
Miracle Mile Gateway Car Show
The Miracle Mile Gateway Car Show and Celebration of historic Miracle Mile will be held at Golden Pin Lanes and is scheduled for March 30th.
Local neon expert Jude Cook (of Cook & Company Signmakers and Ignite Sign Art Museum) has agreed to give an illustrated presentation on restoring the Tropicana Motel Sign at 11 am on the 30th to complement the Historic Miracle Miles displays.

Ward 3 Neighborhood Association/Coalition Meetings:
Vista del Monte
March 30th
4-5:30 pm
McCormick Park
Ramada Area
2950 N Columbus Blvd
Friends of Marty Birdman
April 1st
5:30-7 pm
Marty Birdman Center
2536 N Castro Ave
Sugar Hill
April 3rd
6-7 pm
Donna Liggins Center
2160 N 6th Ave
April 4th
7-8 pm
St. Luke’s
615 E Adams
City-Wide Events:
El Grupo Bicycle Scavenger Hunt
April 6th
8 am
El Grupo Clubhouse
610 N 9th Ave

April 7th
9 am-3 pm
Banner-University Medicine to Warehouse Arts District

Check out the mobile friendly interactive route map here.
Did You Know...?
Call For Volunteers: Amphi Neighborhood Survey
Habitat for Humanity Tucson would like to survey the Amphi Neighborhood residents about their quality of life and Habitat Tucson needs your help. These surveys include a 20 minute interview and will include 350+ households.
Habitat Tucson is looking for a team of volunteers to knock on doors, interview and listen to the residents. The interviews have started and will take place through June 2nd on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am-2 pm. Register here to become a volunteer.
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