Want to know what is happening in your neighborhood?  Here’s a way you can do.  Go to  Enter your address, email address and then click the button that says “find your neighborhood.”  From that moment on you are now connected to other residents that live in your neighborhood.  This is a private neighborhoods website to share information including neighborhood public safety issues, community events, lost pets, local activities and services.  Tucson Police Department will also be able to post information such as safety tips and more importantly crime alerts to Nextdoor websites within the city.  For example:  If there have been burglaries within your neighborhood or surrounding neighborhood, they would be able to inform you as well as give you safety tips on how to stay safe.  However they will not be able to access residents’ websites, contact information or even content.  The Nextdoor is free for residents and it’s only accessible to residents who verify that they live in the neighborhood.  That means you (neighborhoods) will self-manage your own neighborhood website. 

 If you’re interested in getting to know your neighbor and want to know what’s happening within your OWN neighborhood, visit  If you still have questions about Nextdoor’s website, please visit