Pima County Eviction Prevention Program

Pima County has shared this helpful information for tenants in need of help with their rent during these challenging times.

  • The CDC moratorium, which ends on December 31, 2020. To be protected, tenants must submit a declaration form, available on the website. Note that the most recent interpretation of the moratorium allows landlords to take tenants through the eviction hearing process to get a judgment. However, they should not be evicted until the moratorium lifts.
  • Sources for rent assistance. While the County does not know how much rent assistance will be available going forward, the County is working to determine the level of need, which appears to be one of the factors that some judges are considering as to whether the moratorium will be enforced. 
  • Additional resources for tenants and landlords. 

To get more information, please visit Pima County's Eviction Prevention Program website by clicking here.