Save a Life - PulsePoint

The Tucson area will be a connected community, giving citizens the chance to save lives via the PulsePoint app for smartphones. PulsePoint is a product that connects CPR/AED trained members of the public to emergency calls nearby. The app alerts members to an emergency that may require the use of CPR and/or an AED. PulsePoint will send an alert to any registered user with a smartphone within the proximity of the emergency. The system also will provide the location of the closest AED. The goal of PulsePoint is to get a CPR/AED trained person to the victim as soon as possible, before emergency responders arrive. Sudden cardiac arrest events claim the lives of 1,000 people every day, and PulsePoint will give citizens the chance to make a difference in reducing that number. The multi-agency project came to fruition with the help of the Steven M. Gootter Foundation.  To download the app, go to