Arizona Governor Joins Fight to Save Cherrybell; Calls Cherrybell “Essential to Region’s Economic Growth and Development”

TUCSON, Arizona – Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has written a letter to the U.S. Postmaster General urging her to not close the Tucson (Cherrybell) Post Office Processing and Distribution Center.

In his letter, Governor Ducey said that Tucson’s Postal Processing and Distribution Center, plays a key role. “Southern Arizona businesses, residents, veterans and senior citizens rely on the Tucson Postal Processing and Distribution Center for timely and reliable mail service,” Governor Ducey wrote.

“Our local businesses in Southern Arizona who may use mail order, send overnight packages, or simply operate their business would have to pay more,” Governor Ducey continued in his letter.

Tucson Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres expressed his support to Governor Ducey for his letter to the Postmaster General to keep Southern Arizona’s postal processing and distribution center fully functional and operating.

“This is not a partisan issue, but one that affects Tucson and Southern Arizona businesses, seniors, veterans and is great that people are coming together to join this effort to keep Cherrybell fully functional and open,” Vice Mayor Fimbres went on to state.

Governor Ducey’s letter came about after the meeting of political, business and community leaders at the Ward 5 Council Office. Governor Ducey’s Southern Arizona Director, Juan Ciscomani and Deputy Director, Becky Barry, were present for the meeting.

Vice Mayor Fimbres asked Ciscomani about whether Governor Ducey would help in the effort to keep Cherrybell open. The result was the letter drafted by Governor Ducey.

“I want to thank Juan Ciscomani for his hard work on this and getting the Governor to join the effort to keep Cherrybell open,” Vice Mayor Fimbres added.