Cherrybell Survey Extended to June 30 - Received More Than 1,200 Responses So Far

Residents, businesses respond by the hundreds;
Cherrybell facility operations extended

– More than 1,200 responses collected via public survey regarding consolidation plan– 


Tucson, AZ– June 01, 2015– Tucson residents submitted comments, opinions and experiences by the hundreds after Mayor Rothschild and Vice Mayor Fimbres opened public surveys to collect individual and business response to the United States Postal Service (USPS) plans to consolidate the Tucson Postal Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC)/Cherrybell.    


“The results have been overwhelming,” Mayor Rothschild said. “This is a perfect example of the importance of public participation in a city matter. The residents and businesses of Tucson voiced their opinions, and those opinions were heard in Washington, D.C.”  


On May 18, Mayor Rothschild and Vice Mayor Fimbres released two public surveys to collect individual and business experiences as a result of the consolidation plans. The first phase of the plan was implemented in January 2015. Within a matter of days of the surveys’ release, the city collected hundreds of responses, most of which reflected negative impacts. Following the release, the USPS informed Mayor Rothschild and Vice Mayor Fimbres that the next phase of the consolidation plans, scheduled for July 2015, would be delayed until a future date in 2016.


“Tucson is an important city,” Vice Mayor Fimbres said. “And despite voicing repeated concerns, outside organizations were making decisions that did not protect the best interest of our city. I cannot thank enough those people who took time to share their thoughts and opinions. Your responses made a huge impact.”


Several Chambers of Commerce, including the Tucson, Hispanic and Black Chambers, actively encouraged members to participate in the surveys.


“It’s encouraging to see so many diverse individuals and businesses come together around this issue,” said Tucson Metropolitan Chamber President & CEO Michael Varney. “While we certainly understand the need for the national office to find ways to save funds, those plans should not come at the detriment of our community’s businesses and residents.”

Interested individuals can access an English or Spanish version of the business survey through the links below:


The community survey is available through the following link:


To date, Tucson individuals and businesses have submitted more than 1,200 responses.  Also attaced is a sample of responses from businesses and individuals who have completed the survey. Due to the high volume of participation and the extended timeline, the public and business surveys will remain accessible through June 30. Vice Mayor Fimbres plans to deliver survey results to the USPS Postmaster General and other Congressional offices that have input on the USPS’s nationwide consolidation and cost-savings measures.


“This is not over yet,” Vice Mayor Fimbres. “We have a lot of work to do before we can call this issue closed.”