The City of Tucson created a new website to help ensure that Spanish
speaking residents of Tucson have access to information about child
care, education, health and humanitarian services, and other important
government programs.

When Mayor and City Council directed City staff to form the Immigrant
Welcoming Task Force, it included direction to establish a website with
links to programs and services important to all Tucsonans, especially
new arrivals to Tucson. The site,, was completed last

Now, thanks to the support of the Immigrant Welcoming Task Force, and
especially Prof. Jaime Fatás-Cabeza, Director of the Translation and
Interpretation Program, Spanish and Portuguese Department at the
University of Arizona and two of his students, Lizbeth Feria and
Leonardo Vega, the site has been fully and professionally translated
into Spanish. The website URL is

In addition, the City’s IT department built the site to make it easy
for citizens to toggle back and forth between English and Spanish, by
alternately clicking "Welcome to Tucson" or "Bienvenido a Tucson."

"The translations are of professional quality and will increase the
ability of monolingual Spanish speakers to engage with their community
and their government," said Tucson City Council Member Regina Romero.
"As a result, residents will have greater opportunities to connect to
resources and help build the economy of our city."

The Mayor and City Council, and the City of Tucson, are committed to a
vision for our community that is inclusive, multilingual, international,
diverse, and welcoming to all people. The work of the Immigrant
Welcoming Task Force and the "Bienvenido a Tucson" website helps
implement that vision.