Discharge of Water on 3rd Ave. at 1st and 15th-18th Streets

Water main work at two locations on 3rd Avenue is nearing completion
and Tucson Water crews will be discharging water at times to drain the
48” line in order to replace some sections of pipe and conduct
maintenance work of valves.

Dewatering the pipeline will lead to traffic and parking restrictions
in order for crews to access manholes. Precautions will be taken to
prevent water from entering roadways. The areas affected are:
●  3rd Ave. at 1st St. (through October 10)
●  3rd Ave., between 15th and 18th Streets and between 7th and 8th
Streets (October 13-18)

Fiber optic acoustic monitoring equipment was replaced on the water
main which is located under 3rd Ave., from 26th St. to Lester St. This
project is expected to wrap up by the beginning of November and then the
main will be put back onto service.

Motorists are asked to exercise caution while driving in these areas to
help ensure the safety of the work crews.