The Trees for Tucson program is now accepting applications for low-cost trees for delivery in the popular fall planting period. While trees can be planted throughout the year in the Tucson area, lower temperatures and moister soil after summer monsoons make for easier tree planting throughout the fall. Wetter than usual winter weather is also expected due to El Niño weather patterns, making this an optimum time to begin establishing new trees.
Trees for Tucson is also offering a wider selection than ever before of native and desert-adapted trees including the popular Desert Willow, Mesquite, Palo Verde and Pistache, other unique choices such as Catclaw Acacia, Fan-Tex Ash, the hybrid Chitalpa, and evergreen varieties such as the Joan Lionetti Live Oak, Texas Ebony, and Ironwood.
To qualify for low-cost home shade trees, residents must be in the Tucson Electric Power Co. and agree to plant the trees within 15 feet of the west, south or east side of the home. Evergreen varieties may not be planted to the south of homes, to ensure maximum sun during cool winter months.
Tucson Electric Power customers may order trees for $8 each, available for purchase online at https://tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org/trees-for-tucson/ or call (520) 837-6835 to receive a mailed or faxed order form.
Trees for Tucson participants may select from a variety of native and desert adapted trees including mesquite, palo verde, desert willow, catclaw acacia, and red push pistache. New participants are welcome, and residents who have received low-cost trees in the past are also eligible to participate once each calendar year per home.
Trees are delivered within approximately 4-6 weeks, and will be at least 3-5 feet tall. Instructions for tree planting and care are provided at the time of delivery.
Trees for Tucson was established in 1989 as a program of Tucson Clean & Beautiful, to educate community members about the benefits of planting and properly maintaining trees to increase energy efficiency. This unique partnership with local electric utilities benefits program participants and the greater community through decreased energy costs, beautifying homes to increase resale value, reduced use of nonrenewable fossil fuels, minimizing Urban Heat Islands, improved wildlife habitat, reduced air and water pollution, reduced stormwater runoff and erosion, and mitigating Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere.
Tucson Clean & Beautiful is a nonprofit organization incorporated in 1985 as the flagship for community-based environmental volunteer efforts in the Tucson metro area. Programs include recycling and waste reduction, urban forestry, land stewardship, at-risk youth landscape training, and beautification. Visit https://tucsoncleanandbeautiful.org/ or call (520) 791-3109 for all Tucson Clean & Beautiful programs.