IGR Update - Postal Service

Postal Service:

A group of Senators recently sent a letter to leaders of the appropriations committee asking that the committee prohibit the Postal Service from moving forward with its plan to close 80 processing facilities.  Specifically, the letter asked that a one-year moratorium on consolidations be included in any omnibus appropriations bill or continuing resolution for FY2015.


The letter was in response to an announcement made by the Postal Service last month that in January 2015 it would begin the previously delayed second phase of its network rationalization plan.  The Postal Service has closed 141 processing plants since it began phase one of its streamlining plan in 2012.


In the letter the Senators write that this one-year moratorium will give Congress the time it needs to enact comprehensive postal reform legislation.


Earlier this week a bipartisan group of members, led by Rep. Davis (D-CA) and King (R-NY), introduced a bill, H.Res 711, to stress that door delivery of mail must not end.  Postal reform efforts in both the House and the Senate call for the elimination of door delivery over the next six years.  Instead of getting mail at their door, residents would be forced to pick up their mail at shared cluster boxes.


Proposed postal legislation does have a few exceptions to the elimination of door delivery including a way for postal customers to pay a “delivery fee” to get mail at their door.