The City of Tucson and the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) are celebrating the completion of the Kino Parkway – 22nd Street Intersection Improvement Project on Friday, October 2, at 9 a.m. at the southwest corner of Kino Parkway and 22nd Street. 


The project has reconstructed one of the most congested intersections in Southern Arizona with the first grade-separated intersection constructed by the City of Tucson.  Dynamic lighting, public art, landscape design, bridge architecture and structural engineering create an impressive gateway from Tucson International Airport into the city as well as a smooth passage south to the University of Arizona’s Tech Park at The Bridges on the southwest corner of Kino and East 36th Street.  The cost of the project was $20.6 million.


“This road project continues the renaissance of Ward 5 and the South side,” said Ward 5 Councilmember Richard Fimbres.  “This work highlights the development of the area, with businesses such as Costco, Curacao, VXI Tucson, CAID Industries, Shared Services, FedEx Ground and HomeGoods, expanding their businesses or opening their doors in Ward 5.”


The elevated parkway includes bike lanes, six-foot-wide sidewalks and a landscaped median separating two traffic lanes in each direction. Beneath it, 22nd Street was widened to three lanes in each direction with exclusive right turn lanes and dual left-turn lanes to access on ramps.    “This will be a gateway to the Bridges, the University of Arizona BioTech Park and the City of Tucson downtown plan,” Councilmember Fimbres said.  “This is another key piece of the renaissance of the South side of Tucson.”


The Ashton Company was the contractor. A Citizen Advisory Committee of more than a dozen representatives of surrounding neighborhoods, local businesses, property owners and the Tucson Urban League met 25 times to provide valuable input, as well as holding five public open houses and seven neighborhood association meetings.   “Thanks to the exhaustive work of the Citizens Advisory Committee, a great concept was turned into a reality,” Councilmember Fimbres said.  “Thanks to their due diligence and the work of Ashton Construction, who is located in Ward 5, our City has a great work for motorists, bicyclists and people walking, to use now.”


Speakers will include Tucson Mayor and RTA Board Chair Jonathan Rothschild; Tucson Council Member Richard Fimbres (Ward 5) ; Pima County Supervisor Ramón Valadez; Tucson City Manager Michael Ortega; Daryl W. Cole, Director of the Tucson Department of Transportation; Brian Andrews of The Ashton Company; and Ivo Ortiz, chairperson of the project’s Citizen Advisory Committee.