A Letter

Dear Friends:


Recently, I had the privilege of attending the ribbon cutting of another new business opening up in Ward 5.


ArcPoint Labs of Tucson was the news business, located at 6401 South Country Club.


The Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce, along with other business owners, officials from ArcPoint Labs parent company were also present for the dedication of Tucson’s newest business, which is starting with a half dozen employees with plans to expand next year.


ArcPoint Labs is another part of the continuing Renaissance of Ward 5 and the Southside, but more importantly, another business has opened their doors, creating jobs and generating sales tax for the City of Tucson.


The City of Tucson’s primary source of revenue is sales tax. When people are not spending money for goods and businesses don’t have the customer base, the City of Tucson feels the impact immediately.


The City of Tucson is not like the Pima County Government, where when there is an economic down turn, Pima County simply raises property taxes.


The sales tax the City of Tucson collects goes toward government operations, including police, fire, streets and parks.


New businesses opening with other companies expanding their operations means more jobs and opportunities for people and sales tax revenue, resulting in more funding for the city’s core services: police, fire, streets and parks.


Since I have been in office as your Ward 5 Councilmember, I have worked to open dozens of new businesses in Ward 5, creating 7,000 new jobs.


There has been reports and writings that Ward 5 and the City of Tucson has given away too many incentives to businesses. Simply not true.


In the case of Ward 5, there is only the Global Economic Development District, which encompasses part of the Ward and which has been used only by Creative Machines.


The City of Tucson was the last city in the state to use the GPLET agreement, starting in 2011.


The City of Tucson has the Primary Jobs Incentive and the Site Specific Tax Incentive, along with several others that can be offered to bring businesses to Tucson.


The HomeGoods Distribution Center, located in Ward 5, with 1,100 jobs and an $838 million dollar economic impact, relocated from California to Tucson because of the incentive package offered. Another was the expansion of Raytheon, located in Ward 5, with 1,975 jobs.


For the city to succeed, they must be able to compete with the other cities across Arizona to recruit companies to open new businesses in Tucson.


The City of Tucson must have the revenue for police, fire, streets, parks, other city services and to keep bus fares and Kidco fares low. As your Ward 5 Councilmember, I have worked get new businesses opened, as well as expanding current companies operations in Ward 5 and Tucson. I will continue my work to bring new businesses, jobs and opportunities to Ward 5 and the City of Tucson.




Richard G. Fimbres

Your Ward 5 Councilmember