From OIP: Responses to "How Do You Get the Word Out!"

We would like to thank the 12 neighborhood associations that responded on how you get the word out about your association's meetings and activities.
In addition to using the City's one mailing per year, respondents said they use:
· Hand delivery using street representatives
· Neighborhood websites (e.g., Neighborhood Link)
· Social Media (Facebook, Twitter)
· Nextdoor
· Posting announcements at library
· Listserv/email list
· Post announcements on bulletin boards
· Environmental Service’s offer to include
a short meeting announcement on the postcard notice for a clean-up
· Hanging flyers on doors
· Combing annual meeting with neighborhood picnic
· Passing out meeting reminder at neighborhood events (e.g., Oktoberfest)
If you would like more information on these methods, please let us know and we will devote future nuggets to this subject.
If you would like to add to this list, please send your suggestions to us at and we will share them in future nuggets also.
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