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Pima County Independent voters have already requested 17,867 ballots for the upcoming Primary Election on August 26, 2014.  F. Ann Rodriguez, Pima County Recorder states, “This number is less than 9% of the 156,144 voters who are registered with no party affiliation and are eligible to vote in this Primary Election.  We want to be sure that those voters know that they can request a political party ballot from our office.”  She would like to remind Pima County voters who are not registered as one of the major political parties (otherwise known as Independent voters or Party Not Designated voters) that they can choose ONE political party ballot to vote for the Primary election. They can choose to vote either a Democratic, Republican, Libertarian, Americans Elect or Green party ballot. Independent voters in the Town of Oro Valley can choose to vote a ballot with just the Town candidates on it.



Selecting a political party ballot will NOT change your Voter Registration to the political party ballot you requested. You will remain a Party Not Designated (PND) or Independent registered voter.



Independent  voters  now  make up  almost  one third  of the registered  voters  in  Pima County. “Independent voters are missing out on this opportunity and could have a very large influence in some contested primary races”, states Ms. Rodriguez.


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August 7, 2014

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Since  the  Recorder’s  office  started  mailing  ballots  on  Thursday,  July  31,  2014, Independent voters have requested ballots as follows:




Americans Elect


Town of Oro Valley Only
















The easiest way to order a ballot is to call our office and speak directly to a staff member at (520) 724-4330. You simply need to let the operator know which political party ballot you would  like  to  receive.     To  order  your  vote-by-mail  ballot  online,  go  to  the  Pima  County Recorder’s web site at and click on the link for “Early Ballot Request.” The link has a place for you to designate which political party ballot you would like to receive. The deadline to order a vote-by-mail ballot is Friday, August 15, 2014 at 5:00 p.m.



For more information or to see a list of early voting sites in Pima County, visit the


Recorder’s web site at or call the office at (520) 724-4330.