(Info will also be provided at the open houses about all the service changes coming in February)

Open house, Tuesday evening, south side:
* When: Tue 16-DEC-2014, 5:00 - 6:30PM
* Where: El Pueblo Activity Center, 101 West Irvington Road (SWC South Sixth Ave)
** Bike there: Santa Cruz Bikeway to Congress, exit and head east to I-10 frontage, south to Cushing, east under I-10 to Main Ave, south on the Main-Tenth-Liberty Bike Blvd to Irvington, then east to El Pueblo.
** Bus there: All routes lead to Laos, exit and head east one block to El Pueblo.

The City of Tucson and Sun Tran are seeking the public's feedback on a proposed service change to Downtown Loop. Downtown Loop is a free transit service in the downtown Tucson area that provides access to community services, government offices, courts, educational facilities, and area businesses. With the opening of the Sun Link streetcar, the Downtown Loop has become a duplicate service. Many of the Downtown Loop's major stops are within walking distance of Sun Link or existing Sun Tran service. Proposed changes recommended that the Downtown Loop be discontinued.

Representatives from Sun Tran will be available at the public open house events to answer questions and concerns you may have regarding the proposed service change.

The proposed service change is based on the Bus Rail Interface Report in which bus routes serving the same area as the streetcar route were evaluated to determine how the bus routes might be changed to integrate with the introduction of the streetcar.