RTA Board OKs city recommendation to widen Broadway to six lanes

The Regional Transportation Authority Board today approved $1.5 million in funding for the
City of Tucson to proceed with the roadway corridor design to widen Broadway Boulevard,
from Euclid Avenue to Country Club Road, from four travel lanes to six lanes, with bus
pullouts, bike lanes and sidewalks.

Under the RTA plan, the Broadway Boulevard project was initially planned to widen the
roadway to a 6-lane arterial, plus 2 dedicated bus lanes, bike lanes and sidewalks.
“The City of Tucson, working with the RTA, formed the Broadway Citizens Task Force
following the RTA Administrative Code and has been engaged over the last 29 months to
create a balanced, livable and multimodal corridor recommendation while maintaining the
functionality of the improvements as adopted in the RTA plan, according to Tucson Mayor
and RTA Board Member Jonathan Rothschild.

Results of professional analysis of technical data support that a 6-lane cross section will meet
the capacity, safety and mobility intent approved in the RTA plan. In a recent detailed
modeling analysis, the City’s project team concluded that the 6-lane option would not
diminish project functionality.