Dateline: Pima County Arizona


F. Ann Rodriguez, the Pima County Recorder, is issuing a Stranger Danger advisory to all voters in Pima County.   DO NOT give your voted early ballots to a stranger.  This warning includes

a stranger who is at your front door.




Ø If voters are being contacted by phone by individuals representing various organizations asking if they can pick up your voted ballots at your home and take them to the Post Office or the Recorder’s Office, say NO.

Ø  If they show up at your door making the offer to take your voted ballots to the Post


Office or Recorder’s Office, just tell them NO.


Ø  You have no idea who these people are.  Never give your voted ballot to a stranger.




The Pima County Recorder’s Office does not approve of giving voted ballots to a stranger as there is no guarantee that these individuals are actually taking them to the Post Office or turning them in to the Recorder’s Office.  Ms. Rodriguez states that you still have plenty of time to mail

your voted ballots so that we receive them in our office by Election Day.




The only people you should trust with your voted ballot to deliver it to the


Recorder’s Office are:


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October 23, 2014

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•  a family member


•  a trusted co-worker


•  a friend


•  a next door neighbor


•  the U.S. Postal Service.




Ms. Rodriguez stated, “Your voted ballot is your choice in shaping our Democracy, so make sure your voice is heard.”



If a voter wants to hand deliver their voted ballot, they can take it to any of the Recorder’s Office Early Voting locations. There is a complete list of early voting sites with hours of operation located on the Recorder’s website at  The Early Voting locations include any of the Recorder’s office locations.