A Thank You

I just was coming back from shopping just want to say how proud of the area in ward five.  Many of my friends bring this up also.
With help from everyone at ward five councilman offices we have gotten the help and backing needed to truly have a great looking neighborhoods.  With places like the new costco and walmart and many others coming up.  These are good reasons to be happy and save gas buy not having to travel to the north west or east parts of town to get the things we need to live.
Thank you so much for all of you at ward five offices.  There is no way we could have arrived at this moment with out you.
The war on graffiti will always have to be fought but with your help we get it off in record time.
It is great to see that in our area the weeds along Irvington have been taken care of and until next year will look a lot better.
All your work truly is appreciated and stands for itself.
Tim Bacchus