A Thank You To TPD

To: The Tucson Police Dept.
 Southside Substation
 Tucson, Az.
Re: Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood Association

Ladies & Gentlemen of Tucson Police;
I am writing to say we want to Thank all of you for catching the bad guys 
terrorizing our neighborhood, and causing our neighbors to be frightened, violated, and worried when it would happen again. Our neighborhood became a burglary playground from October to December 2014, and after calling and reporting, working together and team work, the thieves were caught, and hopefully be prosecuted. Your officers came to our meetings, worked with the neighbors, and together we caught the them. 
Thank you Capt. George Rodriguez, Sgt. Joe Merrill, Officer Rick Fernandez, Asst. Chief Ramon Batista, and all the other officers and under cover officers, who’s names we don’t remember, but you were there at 11pm at night or 2 am in the morning.  You were vigilant, you let and helped us with the obstacles we faced and in doing so, you created a more open line of communication with our neighborhood.  
Vigilance, Facebook, and open cell phones kept everything in perspective and constant running of information that we were able to report to you and you could move on it.
You have our gratitude and our sincerest Thank you from the entire
Pueblo Gardens Neighborhood Association