Tucson Leaders to Residents: Speak Up about Postal Impacts

– Elected and Business Officials release public surveys to collect citizen reaction to Cherrybell post office consolidation– 


Tucson, AZ– May 18, 2015–  Tucson Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres and numerous elected and business officials have launched a set of open surveys in an effort to provide the residents of Tucson a platform to share opinions about, and impacts of, the consolidation plans for the Tucson Postal Processing and Distribution Center (P&DC)/Cherrybell.    


“Shutting down Cherrybell while other areas with smaller populations retain their facilities simply doesn’t add up. That’s why we’ve asked for more data behind this decision and for Postmaster General Brennan to see our facility’s importance first-hand,” said Rep. McSally. “I was glad to participate in the recent roundtable with local leaders.  We’re going to continue working together to advocate for the Cherrybell facility’s continued operation and I look forward to seeing the results of these surveys.”  


“Despite communicating our repeated concerns to the United States Postal Service (USPS) Postmaster General about the lack of public engagement in the closure process, the citizens of Tucson have not been given a proper place at the table,” Vice Mayor Fimbres said. “As representatives of the men, women and children of this city—and as residents ourselves—it is only fitting to provide the opportunity for our neighbors and community members to share their experiences through these surveys.”


Two survey options are available to the public: the business survey and the community survey. The surveys are currently open and will remain publicly accessible until May 30, 2015. Individuals can access an English or Spanish version of the business survey through the links below:


Tucson Business Postal Survey 


Servicio Postal de Tucson - Encuesta para la Comunidad de Negocios

The community survey is available through the following link:

Tucson Community Postal Survey



In February 2013, USPS implemented the first phase of consolidation of the Cherrybell facility and stopped processing some outbound mail, which included changes to the service delivery standards enacted in January 2015. The second phase of consolidation, planned for July 2015, would reduce Cherrybell’s services to limited retail operations with little-to-no mail processing. In response, Vice Mayor Richard Fimbres hosted a roundtable attended by Rep. McSally and city leaders to discuss the future of Cherrybell and the consolidation’s impact on the city’s economy and community. They also heard testimonials from residents and business owners. As a result, the roundtable participants (see full participant list below) agreed that additional insight from the community is necessary to convey to USPS the full impact of the consolidation on Tucson.


“To eliminate the only postal processing facility in a region our size makes no sense at all, and does not serve the needs of the citizens of Tucson or of Arizona,” Mayor Rothschild said. “We have veterans, senior citizens, business owners and countless individuals who rely on effective, efficient postal service in their daily lives. They deserve to be heard on this matter.”




The Mayor and Vice Mayor thank the following for their work on Cherrybell along with those who participated at the Monday, April 20, 2015 roundtable discussion on the future of the Tucson Postal Processing and Distribution Center including:


  • Congresswoman Martha McSally
  • Congressman Raul Grijalva
  • Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick
  • Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema
  • Congressman Trent Franks
  • State Senator Andrea Dalessandro
  • State Representative Chris Ackerely
  • State Representative Rosanna Gabaldon. 
  • Governor Doug Ducey’s Southern Arizona Director Juan Ciscomani
  • Governor Doug Ducey’s Southern Arizona Deputy Director Becky Barry
  • Lea Marques Peterson, President/CEO of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Robert Medler, the Government Affairs Director of the Tucson Metro Chamber
  • Clarence Boykins from the Black Chamber of Commerce
  • George Kalil of Kalil Bottling
  • Doug Martin of Good News Communications
  • Alma Gallardo of Arizona Bilingual
  • Mark Clark, President/CEO of the Pima Council on Aging
  • Ethan Orr from the University of Arizona
  • Mary Laughbaum from the University of Arizona
  • Richard Lemons, the Commander of Disabled American Veterans – Tucson; and
  • Clarissa Geberkoff, with Tucson Troop Support