U.S. Rep. McSally’s Office Expedites Blanket Delivery to Tucson

TUCSON – With temperatures falling and a widespread freeze expected Sunday, the Office of U.S. Representative Martha McSally has taken action to expedite the delivery of blankets to Tucson. The 10,000 blankets are being delivered through the Homeless Blanket Program, a congressionally funded program administered by the Department of Defense. The blankets were originally not scheduled to arrive in Tucson until middle to late January.


“As freezing temperatures become more frequent, we want to make sure our community is as prepared as possible to help those in need,” said Rep. McSally. “After hearing about reports of delayed blankets from Councilmember Fimbres’ office, I directed my staff to look into the situation and see what could be done. I’m very pleased to say the blankets requested by the Salvation Army of Southern Arizona will be delivered before the New Year, not in January as originally planned. I also want to recognize the tremendous response from our community and the efforts of so many individuals to donate blankets in the near-term. Southern Arizonans proved once again there’s no community more caring and willing to step up and help than ours.”


“This shows when our community has challenges, Tucson comes together, doesn’t scapegoat or place blame. We roll up our sleeves and solve them,” Tucson Councilmember Richard Fimbres said. “I want to thank Congresswoman McSally for her swift action in getting our allotment of blankets back on track. I also want to thank members of our community, who stepped up to donate blankets and help our most vulnerable and most needy citizens. The timing of this couldn’t be better since we received reports of upcoming cold weather changes.”


“We are happy to report that 10,000 disaster blankets requested from the Department of Defense for The Salvation Army Hospitality House will be arriving December 27th,” said Salvation Army Tucson Area Coordinator Major George Rocheleau. “When word went out on local TV stations that we had a shortage of blankets, the community responded. The Salvation Army would like to thank Congresswoman McSally for her leadership to get this delivery expedited and everyone in the community for their unselfish response in ensuring that anyone in need of a warm blanket is provided with one. Thank you for Caring and Sharing.”


“Our organization that serves homeless people is very appreciative of Congresswoman McSally stepping up, pushing the right buttons, and getting this moving so we can get blankets delivered sooner,” said Art Gage, Co-chair of Tucson Pima Collaboration to End Homelessness. “It’s been great to see a lot of different organizations coming together and dealing with this immediate problem to get it fixed.”