News Release: Hurricane Harvey Affects Tucson

Contact: Steve Kozachik
    Ward 6 Council Member
    (520) 791-4601

Steve Kozachik is asking for Tucson’s help...


Hurricane Harvey creates immediate need for food in Tucson.

For the past three years we at Ward 6 have been working with volunteer groups shepherding families fleeing persecution in Central America as they move through Tucson and onto their next of kin. Due to the flooding in Texas, Greyhound suspended their routes east into Texas until Wednesday at the earliest, and possibly even later. These refugees rely on the bus (primarily through Texas) to get them to family members scattered throughout the country. Now they are stranded in Tucson with no shelter or food except for the humanitarian aid that the Tucson community has created.

The transit backlog has resulted in families stacking up in shelters and in the homes of volunteers. The immediate need is for family-sized ready-made food such as soup, juice, fruit, cooked vegetables, or pre-packaged meals. The portions should be FAMILY-sized and ready to be warmed up. Great ideas are pre-cooked chicken and ham or gift cards (ie: grocery stores, pizza, and restaurants like Boston Market).

If you can help with this urgent local need, please bring what you have to share to the Ward 6 office and we will make arrangements to have it delivered to the shelters and homes of the volunteers who are working with these migrant families. You can also call Ann Charles at 520-977-5161 or Ward 6 at 520-791-4601 for more information.