NEWS RELEASE: Immediate Need for Donations to Assist Community-Based Intake Centers

October 18, 2018

Last week, when I first sent out a call for donations in support of migrant families, we had hoped the numbers would diminish by now. In fact, ICE has continued to release families to intake centers at an alarming rate. Tucson centers have had to find room and board for over 200 people in the past two days alone. We see no end in sight.

As I wrote in my guest piece for the Arizona Daily Star last Saturday, my concern is the current situation will be used as political theater during the midterm elections. The fact is the needs are real, immediate and our politics should have no part in our humanitarian response.

The Ward 6 office continues to operate as a conduit between the generous Tucson community and the several relief sites scattered throughout town. Please continue to show your support of these families who are fleeing abject poverty and violence in their Central American home countries. Specifically, the needs include personal care products such as soap, toothbrushes, deodorant, hair products, and over the counter medications including Pedialyte, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl, and Aspirin.

Thank you for stepping up and helping these families in need. Without the outpouring of support shown by the Tucson community, a very vulnerable population of people would be suffering more so than is already the case.

Steve Kozachik
Council Member, Ward 6

October 10, 2018

UPDATE: Tucsonans have been streaming into our office with donations over the past two days. We are humbled by the kindness of this city. The donations pictured below are from this morning alone. The backpacks and small blankets are a big hit with families. Here are a few of the current high-priority donation items needed: men's and women's tennis shoes (generally sizes smaller than 7), small clothes for young men, travel size toiletries, backpacks/suitcases, milk, tortillas, baby bottles with liners. 

October 9, 2018

Over the past three days, over 1,000 migrants have been released by ICE into various community-based intake centers. The result is each center being stretched to capacity and in need of donations to support their humanitarian work.

Building on the work my office has done in cooperation with the local relief groups, we are assisting by collecting items which we will distribute to the various locations throughout the community. Because of the heightened political climate, we will not be divulging the location of the relief centers. Each is experiencing high and unpredictable intake numbers. The needs are immediate.

The migrants we are seeing are largely families. All have been in detention centers and released as they have met the maximum time allowed by law to be kept in custody. Many are wearing ankle bracelets. Many are children. Many are single moms traveling with their kids and many are suffering low-level illnesses from having been out in the elements.

Donations should include undergarments, socks, backpacks, Gatorade and travel blankets – whatever you would pack if you were planning a three-day bus trip. In respect of the families receiving the goods, we will only be accepting newly purchased items. Please bring your donations to the Ward 6 City Council office (3202 E 1st St) before 5 pm any day this week. We will take responsibility for making sure it gets into the hands of the families in need.

Contact: Steve Kozachik
Ward 6 Council Member
(520) 791-4601