Steve K's Newsletter 03/16/20

Topics in this Issue:

This week I’m going to open with a Local Tucson item. There are three parts to it, each rising in importance based on the past couple of weeks’ Corona virus mess. It has been wall to wall news. Below I’ll summarize some of what’s going on. Tonight though, Nikki Lee and I will join members of the Pima County Health Department on a phone bank. In addition we’ll have people from Pima Council on Aging, the Community Food Bank, Sun Tran, TMC, TUSD, the UA and Primavera all on hand to take your questions. We were elected to be accessible, not just when everything is great, but when you’ve got legitimate questions you want answered. The call-in number will be 222-1500. KVOA and I worked on this together. Our goal is to hear your concerns, and get you the information you’re after. Pima County has a great web site: website
And yet, there are times you want to actually talk to another person, not surf the web. We feel it’s important to facilitate that opportunity. The phone bank will run from 5pm until 6:30pm. Call with your COVID-related questions, and if we don’t have the answers, we’ll find them and get back to you. We’re all in this together as a region. Pima County has the health department front line responsibility. The health department has been extremely cooperative in putting this phone bank together. 
Next, please take some time – yes, out in public – to support our local businesses. People are losing their jobs as a result of how many of us are avoiding crowded places. Order “To Go”, or find a table away from others. It’s important that we don’t react ourselves into a recession. Support of local business is supporting your neighbor. I have spoken to some local restaurant owners and many are voluntarily spacing tables to meet the Pima County Health advice on social distance. That’s probably a better choice to give your business to than the one across the street that’s ignoring the recommendations coming from the docs.
Your neighbor is the other piece of the Local Tucson start this week. We have all seen the descriptions of who is most vulnerable to the virus. It’s the seniors among us. Risk is multiplied if they have existing health conditions. As well, Social isolation can have extremely negative health and psychological effects. My mom lived alone and I very often wondered if she was just lonely. Social isolation can cause it, and other severe effects. Please pick up the phone and call your neighbor or family member if they have to be more home-bound than usual due to the virus. You can drop off a meal or some flowers, some way to just keep them connected so they know they’re cared for and cared about.
COVID19 is bad enough. Let’s each stay focused on how we might play a part in minimizing the collateral damage that may result from our own acting to avoid its effects.

I suspect you may have noticed the past week contained its own unique level of stress. The Be Kind items are therefore a bit more important in just easing the tension.
For example – this is Girlfriend. As you can see, she turned 15 on March 8th. 

  She celebrated with her ‘sister’ Daisy:

Daisy is 11 ½. The two of them enjoy going for walks, playing ‘find the cookie,’ and being loved. The Be Kind is for their ‘mom’ Karyn, who rescued them from dog racing several years ago. Karyn is one of the local heroes I worked with when we shut down Tucson Greyhound Park. Her babies are living proof that that work was well worth all of the effort.