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Steve K's Newsletter 7/10/17

Topics in this issue...

  • Half-Staff
  • Prop 101 - Roads & Public Safety
  • Three More Ballot Measures
  • PACE Legislation
  • More Climate Items
  • CAP WAter & Energy
  • Energy Efficiency Rebates
  • Tucson Botanical Gardens
  • River Run Network
  • Film Industry / Visit Tucson
  • Back to School Safety & Health Fair
  • Local First - Even Stevens

Steve K's Newsletter 7/3/17

Topics in this issue...

  • Happy Fourth of July
  • Affirmation of Life
  • Half-Staff
  • Arizona Daily Star Mischaracterization
  • More Good Work by Our Police
  • Incident Training
  • Community Homelessness Report
  • Federal Government and Water
  • Federal Government, Utilities and Coal
  • Inconvenient Truth
  • Another Federal Funding Issue - Health Care
  • Fireworks and Pets
  • Fireworks and Fire - and the Law
  • Martha the Ugly Dog
  • July 4th Palo Verde Neighborhood Parade
  • Himmel Park Restoration
  • Fox Theatre
  • Events and Entertainment

Steve K's Newsletter 6/26/17

Topics in this issue...

  • Half-Staff
  • Health and Heat
  • Climate Change and Tucson  
    • “Pursuit Ready” Hybrid Police Vehicles
    • Energy
    • Water
    • Waste Diversion
    • United States Climate Alliance
    • And More Local Work
  • Arizona Forward
  • Ms.
  • Tucson Greyhound Park
  • Animal Cruelty
  • Local Tucson
  • DM and the F-35
  • Events

Steve K's Newsletter 6/19/17

Topics in this issue...

  • Half-Staff
  • Climate Change
  • Pima Animal Care and Heat
  • Business Insider Ratings
  • Pima County and Opioids
  • Prop 101 Commission
  • Planning and Development Services Director
  • Nova Home Loans Arizona Bowl
  • Misplaced TUSD Focus
  • Local First: Tucson Meet Yourself
  • F-35 and A-10
  • Events

Steve K's Newsletter 6/12/17

Topics in this issue...

  • Half-Staff
  • MS St. Louis
  • USS Gabrielle Giffords
  • Border Wall Resolution
  • Media Literacy
  • Climate Agenda
  • Water Infrastructure Incentive
  • Bond Ratings
  • Tucson City Court
  • Sun Tran Operations
  • GoTucson Mobile Apps
  • Local First - Flag Day Celebration Downtown
  • Five Animal Items
  • UA Ice Hockey
  • Events

Steve K's Newsletter 6/5/17

Topics in this issue...

Wear Orange Event
MS St. Louis
U.S. Veterans
Martha Ortiz / Local First
Paris Climate Accord
Refugee Ban
Federal Budget - Cancer Research
City Budget
Local Financial Investing
Metropolitan Education Commission
Water Fluoridation
Rainwater / Sandbags
Identity Theft

Steve K's Newsletter 5/30/17

Topics in this Issue...

Flag Retirement Ceremony
June 2nd – Wear Orange and Music
Charter for Compassion
Trump’s Refugee Ban
UA Honors College
Spice Ordinance
Parks Upgrades
Two Roads Updates
TUSD Staffing
Humane Society
Reid Park Zoological Society
Final Animal Add
Another Neighborhood Item – Stormwater Harvesting Grant Workshop
Climate and Glaciers
Local Tucson

Steve K's Newsletter 5/22/17

Topics in this Issue...

Domestic Violence
Prop 101 Results
County Road Tax
Collaboration with Pima County
Construction and Communication
Southwest Gas Work
Investing in Tucson
Bird Expo
Neighborhood Recycling Centers
Honoring Bob Walkup
Local Tucson
Brain Clutter

Steve K's Newsletter 5/8/17

Topics in this Issue...

Background Checks
Wear Orange Day
Mother's Day at the Zoo
Federal Budget
Pima Street Road Work
Health Care
Pima Council on Aging - Advocacy
Speech Executive Order
Local Economics
Rio on the Radar Screen
Films and Economic Impacts
Out in AZ
Domestic Violence and Immigration
Local Tucson
Ride of Silence

Steve K's Newsletter 4/24/17

Topics in this Issue...

  • Half-Staff
  • SB1122
  • 4700 Block – E Linden Street
  • Local Tucson
  • Sister Jose Women’s Center
  • Arts for All
  • RE: Water Quality Investigation at Parcels in Wards 1, 5, and 6
  • Good News for Tucson
  • Another Item We Have to Offer
  • Economics and Mexican Trade with Tucson
  • More Political Local Impact
  • Emerge! Center Against Domestic Violence
  • Parks and Recreation Guides
  • Ride of Silence
  • Bee Season
  • Water Line Insurance
  • Events

Steve K's Newsletter 4/17/17

Topics in this issue...

Proposition 101
Honors College
Science March
More on Streets
And Another Streets Tool
Miramonte – 3rd Street and Richey Intersection
Red Tags
Community Home Repairs Projects of Arizona
Yom Hashoah Art Exhibit
Also at Temple Emanu-El
Ride of Silence
Local Tucson