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(Updated June 23, 2017)

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Water consumption takes a hike in hot weather too (ADWR News, June 22)

San Diego to get second opinion on next water rate hike (San Diego Union-Tribune, June 22)

Some Urge Modifying Dams On Colorado River (KJZZ, June 21)

First bottles of purified recycled water debut in North America (Orange County Breeze, June 21)

Bill Buckmaster Show 6/19/2017: Building Tucson’s water delivery infrastructure (interview starts at 30:00) (KVOI, June 19)

How Trump’s Budget Drains Drinking Water Protections (National Resources Defense Council, June 19)

Changing Conditions Spark Differing Predictions from Water Managers (AZPM, June 19)

Should Correctional Facilities Use Rainwater to Reduce Water Consumption? (Corrections.com, June 19)

What's driving Arizona's next big water fight? (AZ Central, June 18)

Renowned climate scientist Jonathan Overpeck leaving University of Arizona (Arizona Daily Star, June 17)

Loss aversion and the latest Lake Mead forecast(Inkstain, June 17)

Water Pipeline Project on 6th Ave. (KVOA 4, June 16)

Lake Mead Predicted to Drop 20 Feet Lower Than Anticipated (KNAU, June 16)

Disappointing Runoff Season Leads Feds To Lower Predictions For Lake Mead (KJZZ, June 16)

Latest forecast shifts Lake Mead from big gain to small loss (Las Vegas Review Journal, June 16)

Why 'Hydro-Politics' Will Shape the 21st Century (BBC, June 16)

Betting Big On Infrastructure (Forbes, June 10)