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NewsDrops December 14, 2018

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Arizona is through with Band-Aids. This should be our next big move on water (AZ Central, December 14)

Upgrade at Tucson Water treatment plant to remove more PFAS pollutants (Arizona Daily Star, December 13)

Federal official threatens takeover of key Colorado River decisions from states (Arizona Daily Star, December 13)

2018 Drought Preparedness Plan annual report makes for extremely dry reading (ADWR News, December 13)

All eyes are on Arizona as Colorado River meetings open with focus on finishing drought deal (AZ Central, December 13)

The Term 'Drought' Is Out of Date for the American Southwest. They Call It 'Aridification' Now. (Esquire, December 12)

With Colorado River water shortage looming, Phoenix votes down water-rate increase (AZ Central, December 12)

Boring industry conference? Nope, it's a key battle in Arizona's new water war (AZ Central, December 12)

Ducey threatens veto of water bill that ignores his principles (Arizona Capitol Times, December 11)

Rollback of federal water rule would have major impacts in Tucson area (Arizona Daily Star, December 11)

N4T Investigators: Repeat Repairs (KVOA 4, December 11)

Colorado River drought plan gets CAP support; heading to Arizona lawmakers (Arizona Daily Star, December 11)

California water agency tentatively agrees to Colorado River drought measures (AZ Central, December 10)

Infrastructure: What You Pay For When You Pay Your Water Bill (AMWUA blog, December 10)

U.S. states to meet at deadline on Colorado River drought plan (Arizona Daily Star, December 9)

Shaping Arizona Water Policy in 2019 (Arizona Public Media, December 7)

Colorado River drought plan 'gaining momentum' as CAP board signals support (AZ Central, December 6)

Extreme heat hits Tucson’s poor neighborhoods hardest(High Country News, December 6)