Pre-Annexation Development Agreement (PADA) Fees


Note: Establishment of new water service outside the City limits via PADA requests is currently on hold pending Mayor and Council review of the Tucson Water Service Area Policy.


PADA Application Fee

On January 20, 2021, Mayor and Council adopted a PADA Application Fee of $750 per application, which will be assessed per Pima County Tax Parcel Number for each application for water service to parcels outside the City limits. 

PADA Application Fee
$750 per application

PADA Equivalent Dwelling Unit (EDU) Fee

On April 20, 2021, Mayor and Council adopted an additional PADA fee of $1,000 per EDU. The fee will be assessed per Pima County Tax Parcel Number and will be assessed for each water meter obtained after a parcel has paid its PADA Application Fee, completed all requisite plan submittals, and obtained approvals for water service. 

A single EDU connection is equivalent to a standard 5/8” residential meter. For developments that require larger meter sizing, a multiplier will be used to estimate the size of each connection impact. For example: 

Meter Size Equivalent EDUs Current Fee
5/8 inch 1 $1,000
3/4 inch 1.5 $1,500
1 inch 2.5 $2,500
1-1/2 inch 5 $5,000
2 inch 8 $8,000
3 inch 17.5 $17,500
4 inch 30 $30,000
6 inch 67.5 $67,500
8 inch 80 $80,000

For more information or questions about fees, call New Services at 520-791-5164.