Tucson Utility Billing - User's Guide

Sign up for or log in to Tucson Utility Billing:
Go to https://www.tucsonaz.gov/cotutilities/Click2GovCX/index.html exiting Tucson Water website.

Click on “Create New User” at left and follow the instructions on the page. Be prepared to create and confirm a password AND select and answer three security questions from the choices provided. A password must have at least one upper case letter AND one number.

Once all required fields are complete, click “Create New User” at bottom right. A screen notice will appear stating that a confirmation eMail with a link has been sent to the address you specified. Go to your mailbox and click on the confirmation eMail to activate your new Tucson Utility Billing Account.

You may also make a One Time Payment from this page without establishing a new user account. Have your Account Number and your method of payment handy and click on the “One Time Payment” link on the left.

Once your account is enabled (activated), click on “Login” at left. Enter your eMail Address and Password, then click “Logon” at right to sign in.

This page features the option to reset (recreate) your password. If you cannot remember the answers to your three security questions, send Tucson Water an e-mail using the address that you provided when establishing your user account.

Click “Select Account” at left to begin the process to add or access an account. Note that a utility account may be attached to only one e-mail address.

To add (or delete) one or more accounts, click “Select Account” at left, then “Manage Accounts” to reach the "Add/Delete Account" screen.

When adding an account, you must enter your Account Number and your Cycle - Route Number. This information is listed on your Utility Services Statement. Your Account Number is below your name and your Cycle - Route Number is in the box listing Current Usage (see example above).

To add additional accounts, click “Select Account” at left, then “Manage Accounts,” and repeat the process.

When you wish to access your account(s), click “Select Account” and choose from your Utility Accounts that are listed. Each account number will be highlighted and open in a new screen with several options.

The “Account Information” page offers several options. Your Account Status is displayed as well as any messages or notices related to that account activity.

Click on “Make Payments” at left. Have your payment details (name, card number, billing address, etc.) ready. Confirm payment amount, complete all required fields, and review information before clicking on the Submit button.

Once complete, you will have the option of printing a receipt that will show the transaction results, payment method, and charge details. You can also access other accounts, if applicable, before logging out.

Contact Tucson Water Customer Service with questions or concerns about your Tucson Utility Billing online account:

Call 520-791-3242 or 800-598-9449, Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. MST. (Note: Arizona does not observe Daylight Saving Time.) E-mail TWWebAcct1@tucsonaz.gov.

Find your Cycle and Route Number:

These are located on the front side of your utility services statement (see fifth image above or page 3 of document). You can also sign up for Utility Services eBill at https://onlinebiller.com/tucson/ exiting Tucson Water website to view your billing statement and go paperless.

You can make a one-time payment without enrolling in Tucson Utility Billing:

See page 1.

Reset your password:

See page 2.

Pay all or only a portion of your bill:

Tucson Utility Billing will accept partial payments.

Save or change your debit/credit card information online:

Save or change your information in your Wallet, an option located within “Edit Profile.” (See page 2.) You must be signed in to access your Wallet.

There a charge if your debit/credit card transaction is returned:

All returned items are charged the standard reverse payment fee of $28.

Managing your Tucson Utility Billing account online is safe:

The new Tucson Utility Billing software meets all current required industry compliance standards and provides additional security over the previous version. The payment software is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant with dual layer encryption, which is required by the credit card industry. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard exiting Tucson Water website is a set of requirements designed to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit debit/credit card information maintain a secure environment. In addition, Tucson Water’s digital certificate is SHA (Secure Hash Algorithm) 256 encryption.

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