About Your Water Quality


Tucson Water's Water Quality and Operations Division environmental scientists, chemists, analysts, disinfection personnel, system and water treatment operators, and inspectors work together to monitor the quality of our drinking water at more than 200 wells, 61 reservoirs, 266 sampling stations, and 125 selected homes throughout the Tucson metro area and surrounding communities.

Learn more below about how Tucson Water meets the Envionmental Protection Agency's 92 legally enforceable National Primary Drinking Water Regulations (NPDWR) and 15 non-enforceable National Secondary Drinking Water Regulations (NSDWR) that apply to Tucson Water.

Drinking Water Distribution System

All of the water delivered by Tucson Water to its customers is groundwater pumped from area aquifers.


Water Quality Monitoring

EPA regulations require water providers to routinely test public drinking water supplies for naturally-occurring or man-made organic and inorganic constituents..

In Your Home and Business

Troubleshoot water issues in your home, identify treatment options, and learn about the proper way to dispose of medications.


In the Lab

Learn more about the microorganisms and other naturally-occurring or man-made organic and inorganic constituents Tucson Water tests for.

Reports and Publications

Read monthly and annual water quality reports, and the monthly customer newsletter.

Using Reclaimed Water

Learn more about reclaimed water, who uses it, and how to safely work with it.