Arizona Project WET

Arizona Project WET (Water Education for Teachers) offers instructor-tested, water-related curriculum at no cost to teachers via hands-on workshops.

  • Water Festivals
    Each Arizona Water Festival incorporates two hours of hands-on, interactive lessons focused on:
    * groundwater and aquifers
    * watersheds and water sources
    * the value of water and conservation
    * the water cycle
  • Arizona Project WET Workshop Schedules
    Learn about Arizona's water resources by participating in fun, interactive, classroom-ready activities developed and tested by teachers:
    * the properties of water
    * the water cycle
    * watersheds
    * groundwater
    * water quality
    * water rights

    To attend the next Tucson Water-sponsored workshop, contact Project WET Senior Instructional Specialist Holly Hilburn at (520) 626-9939 or at

  • Correlating WET Curriculum to Arizona Academic Standards