CAP Water Resource Fee

As the Tucson metropolitan area continues to grow, there is a larger demand for the finite resource of water. In order to ensure the availability and delivery of high quality water and service to future customers, Tucson Water has entered into agreements to purchase Central Arizona Project (CAP) water.

Tucson Water currently uses several mechanisms to ensure that "growth pays its way." These focus on recovering construction costs related to capital improvements for the delivery of potable water. To date, there is no mechanism to recover the cost associated with the acquisition of a water source.

The CAP Water Resource Fee is intended to continue the policy that "growth pay for itself." The fee provides a mechanism for the recovery of an equitable portion of the costs incurred (or estimated to be incurred) for acquisition of CAP water rights from future connections to the central potable system.

The fee will be assessed upon meter application for any new water service connection to the central potable system.

A cost study is typically conducted every two years to determine the cost and adjust the fees accordingly. On January 24, 2012, Tucson's Mayor and Council adopted a decrease to the current fee based on the results of the study.

The fee schedule adopted is shown below, and became effective on July 2, 2012. These fees are in addition to the System Equity Fee and Water Meter Installation Fees.

Meter Size Fee
5/8 inch $200.00
3/4 inch $300.00
1 inch $500.00
1-1/2 inch $1,000.00
2 inch $1,600.00
3 inch $3,200.00
4 inch $5,500.00
6 inch $11,250.00
8 inch $17,000.00
10 inch $26,000.00
12 inch $43,000.00

For more information or questions about fees, call New Services at (520) 791-5164.