Clothes Washer Rebate

On average, laundry accounts for 16% of a household’s water use. Upgrading to a high-efficiency clothes washer can save energy and thousands of gallons of water a year, reducing utility bills by as much as $100 annually.

The rebate can help recoup the additional cost of a high-efficiency clothes washer within the first year of purchase, depending on the model purchased.


  • $200 for a qualifying model


  • Current Tucson Water customer
  • Active water service; must be turned on at the time of purchase


  • Old machine must be removed and not used again.
  • One rebate per customer, per household.
  • Washer must be on Tucson Water’s Clothes Washer Qualifying Product List at the time of purchase.
  • Washer must have been purchased on or after August 1, 2015.

Clothes Washer Qualifying Product List

The Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE) evaluates the efficiency of appliances for both water and energy use so that rebate programs and manufacturers can work together to offer efficient products. Tucson Water provides a Clothes Washer Qualifying Product List of models that are water efficient, based on CEE criteria.

Clothes Washer Qualifying Product List (136 KB) updated May 2017
(updated about the 15th of each month)

How to Apply

For more information, call 520-791-4331, or email Tucson Water's Public Information and Conservation Office (PICO).

Esta información está disponible en Español. Por favor llame al 520-791-4331.

Did you Know?

  • 95% of Tucson Water single-family residential customers have clothes washers.
  • A family of four typically does nearly 300 loads of laundry each year.
  • Upgrading to a high-efficiency clothes washer can reduce water use by 85%, saving more than 7,000 gallons of water and 352 kWh of energy per year over baseline models.