Tucson Water Design Standards Manual

The Tucson Water Design Standards Manual helps assure that the public water system is reliably capable of supplying adequate quantities of water that consistently meet applicable water quality standards. In addition, the manual provides consistent standards for all water projects that will become part of the Tucson Water system. It represents the official and most current version of these standards.

Generally, we will amend the sections in the manual no more often than every six months. However, there will be instances where circumstances dictate that a section be amended much sooner.

In accordance with subsection 8-01.1.2.C of this manual (re: Tucson Code, Sec. 27-4), we may require that certain conditions be met, even when they are not yet part of the design standard. Moreover, we may require those conditions be met at any stage of a master plan or design plan when it is in the best interests of the water system and its ratepayers.

Each individual section of the standard is effective as of the date shown in each section (lower left corner on each page). We may issue notices of amendments or proposed amendments for the convenience of the manual users; however, the effective date of the amended section on the website will be the controlling date.

Users of the Design Standards Manual are encouraged to refer frequently to this website in order to minimize revisions to their submitted documents.

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Tucson Water Design Standards Manual