Easement - Emergency Access Procedure

Emergency Access Summary

An emergency is defined as a situation where a Tucson Water pipeline or asset causes or has the immediate potential to cause any of the following:

  • Flood and erosion damage
  • Loss of water service to other Tucson Water customers
  • Public health/safety problem
  • Compromise the amount of water available for fire suppression
  • Damage to public or private property

If you have any questions, call Tucson Water at 520-791-5264.

Emergency Access Procedure Overview
If ... Then, maintenance personnel will ...
Owner approves access Cooperate with owner as much as possible, but will obtain the necessary easement access to the work area at his/her discretion.
Owner denies access
  1. Record the time of denied access.
  2. Present this Easement Access brochure emphasizing Financial Impact language.
  3. Notify Tucson Water Supervisor.
  4. Contact local law enforcement to assist in gaining access.
Owner is not home Obtain access using the least destructive means, at his/her discretion, including:
  1. Disassembling gate hinges.
  2. Disassembling gate lock catch.
  3. Cutting the lock.
  4. Removing a portion of the fence
  5. Utilizing Pima Animal Care Center, as necessary, if a dog or animal is present.
There are other problems (such as inadequate easement clearance) Obtain the necessary access corridor to work areas at his/her discretion.

This can include moving any obstructions from the easement area that prevent necessary access, including removing landscaping and debris, and disassembling structures that should not be located within the easement.

Easement Non-Emergency Access Procedure
Easement Access