Students and Teachers

Tucson Water offers in-class and guided tour programs tailored to many grade levels, made possible by partnerships with the Environmental Education Exchange and Arizona Project WET. These free programs provide age-appropriate lessons and interactive activities on water conservation, water supply, and water quality. For information, click on the program links below or contact the Public Information / Conservation Office (PICO) at 520-791-4331 or send an e-mail.

Arizona Project WET

Arizona Project WET exiting Tucson Water website (Water Education for Teachers) offers instructor-tested, water-related curriculum at no cost to teachers via hands-on, motivating workshops.

Environmental Education Exchange

Environmental Education Exchange exiting Tucson Water website is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization established to increase environmental literacy. For additional information about the three programs below, go to exiting Tucson Water website or call 520-670-1442 .