Financial Planning and Rate Setting

Tucson Water’s FY2019 Adopted Operating, Capital, and Revenue Budgets are part of the foundation in a long-term water supply plan for the community. These budgets are reflected in the pie charts below. Click on any of the images to open in a new window. If you have questions or would like more information about these documents, send an e-mail to the Public Information and Conservation Office at

Tucson Water FY 2020 Adopted Operating Budget pie chart         

The Operating Budget includes operating and maintenance; Central Arizona Project (CAP) and power; staffing; and debt service.

Tucson Water FY2020 Adopted Capital Budget pie chart         

The Capital Budget includes transmission and distribution; source development and new services; water treatment; and infrastructure replacement.

Tucson Water FY2020 Adopted Revenue Budget pie chart

The Revenue Budget includes potable water sales; reclaimed water sales; and the Central Arizona Project (CAP) surcharge.