Water for Tucson’s Future

An Overview of Long Range Water Resource Planning

Water for Tucson's FutureIn 2050 will we have enough water for everyone in Tucson? What will it taste like? Where will it come from? How much will it cost?

To answer these questions and many others, Tucson Water keeps revising its Long Range Water Plan. This Plan will help us get somewhere none of us have been — to the future of our community and its water issues.

Many people will be involved in completing Long Range Water Resource Planning — hydrologists, engineers, resource planners, water treatment and water quality professionals, administrators, financial and management analysts, and many others. But even with all this scientific and technical help, we cannot implement the Plan without our customers.

We want our customers to tell us their preferences and expectations for future water availability and quality. We also need input to help determine how much water will cost in the future.

In the decades ahead, many things about Tucson will change, including our water supplies and quality. We need to be prepared for those changes, discuss now how to prepare for them, and determine in advance ways to manage the changes so they have minimal impact on our water and our quality of life.

Why Plan?

Planning means preparing for the future. We plan ahead to be able to better prepare for what the future holds and to give ourselves more good choices as we face that future.

Creating a plan is not like following a map, because there is no path already marked out to the future. It's more like drawing a map to somewhere you, and no one else, has ever been before. There may be many ways to get to where you're going, many obstacles to overcome, many pleasant surprises to encounter.

Whatever the route we map out, planning is an ongoing process. This Long Range Water Resource Planning will be flexible and will be revised as the years pass. But it will give us a path to follow which will eventually lead to a secure water future for our community.

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