In the Lab

toddler drinking from fountain

Water samples are tested in the Tucson Water water quality laboratory.

Tucson Water's Environmental and Regulatory Compliance Section (ERCS) oversees the Drinking Water Regulatory Program. Some of its core responsibilities include identifying applicable drinking water regulations and communicating those requirements to the department and the Water Quality Laboratory for monitoring and reporting, and ensuring compliance with drinking water standards.

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About the Water Quality Laboratory

The laboratory employs a unique team of 20 highly-skilled professionals with backgrounds in chemistry, microbiology, engineering, computers, and management.

Maximum Contaminant Levels

View a list of specific regulated drinking water MCLs or Alert Levels.

Lead and Copper

Tucson Water’s lead and copper monitoring program assures customers their drinking water meets all required standards.


1,4-dioxane was used as a stabilizer in industrial solvents in aircraft manufacturing facilities from the 1940s to the 1970s.

Microbiological Testing

How Tucson Water monitors for bacteria and other microorganisms and what will happen if they are found.