Tucson Water Low Income Assistance Program

Tucson Water provides a fifty-percent (50%) monthly low-income bill credit to qualifying customers for the Tucson Water charges on their Utility Services Statement.

1) To be eligible for the Tucson Water Low Income Assistance Program:

  • You must be a Tucson Water customer.
  • The Utility Services Statement must be in your name.
  • You must provide proof that you are qualified through one of these programs: Pima County Community and Economic Development, City of Tucson Environmental Services Department, or City of Tucson Parks and Recreation Department.
  • You must meet the household size/income guidelines below (updated April 2016).
Federal Guidelines
Number of people in household Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $14,778 $1,231
2 $24,219 $2,018
3 $33,252 $2,771
4 $41,048 $3,420
5 $48,438 $4,036
6 $56,654 $4,721
7 $64,870 $5,405
8 $73,086 $6,090
For each additional person, add: $8,216 $684

If you have qualified for assistance through one of these 3 programs below in the last 11 months, then you are already qualified for Tucson Water's Low Income Assistance Program:

You will remain qualified for 12 months from the date of approval and will need to re-qualify in 12 months. For more information, contact the program directly at one of the numbers listed above.

Once you are qualified through one of the programs listed above, call 520-791-5443 or visit Tucson Water Customer Service at 310 W. Alameda St. if you do not see the discount applied to your next billing statement.

View or print "Tucson Water Low Income Assistance Program" pdf web page as a one-page pdf document (updated April 2015).

Tucson Water Programa de Ayuda a Personas con Bajos Ingresos