Meter Replacement Program - Frequently Asked Questions

Customer zone for water line and meter

Why do water meters need to be replaced?
Meters become less accurate as they age. Many water meters in our system are over 20 years old and are due for replacement.

Will my water service be interrupted during installation?
Yes, there will be a temporary interruption, typically lasting 30 minutes.

Do I need to be home for a meter replacement?
No, the installer will attempt to notify the homeowner; however, the work will continue as scheduled even if the homeowner is unavailable. Meter replacement does not require access to your home or business.

Is there a charge for the new meter?
No, there is no charge to the customer.

Will my water bill increase?
Older meters tend to run slower, with less accuracy. A new meter will measure actual consumption better. Call Customer Service at (520) 791-3242 if your bill seems unusually high for your household after the meter is replaced.

Are the new meters the same as the ones being replaced?
The new meters operate the same as the old meters. The new meters have a digital screen and an electronic transmitter receiver attached. These automate reading to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Who will install the new meters?
In order to improve efficiency, Tucson Water has hired a private contractor to replace the majority of old meters.

How will I know the installer works for you?
All installers for the private contractor wear uniforms, carry picture identification badges, and drive a vehicle with their company logo.

For questions about the Meter Replacement Program, or if you experience a leak at the meter or any other problem after the meter has been replaced, call Tucson Water’s Meter Replacement Program line at (520) 791-2610.

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